Top 10 Halloween Pins

The temperature has dropped and we are supposed to have thunderstorms for the next three days!  My kind of weather!  I am really getting excited for the upcoming holidays.  I would make my friend Lori proud in saying that I’m actually excited for Halloween (her favorite holiday!)  I don’t know if it’s because I have more kids now (which means more candy!) or that I’m trying not to take myself too seriously lately and letting loose.  Who knows, but my Pin Board is getting more full every day with wonderful ideas that I wanted to share with you!  

These mummy juice boxes alone want me to throw a Halloween party for the boys.  

I’ve learned my lesson in the past to not carve pumpkins if you live in Texas. 
 If you do, you have to carve them 3 days before Halloween because they get too moldy, mildewy, and icky because of the humidity.  
I’m going to let the boys paint theirs this year and I might 
make mine like this cute chevron one.

Or maybe paint one with chalkboard paint
(Sorry, I can’t find the original source on that. I was a bad pinner!)

I found these this time last year and vowed that I would find a way to do them this year.

This Pumpkin Chocolate Cake is a must make this year.  
It would even be great for Thanksgiving. 
(That stand is gorgeous, too!) 

I love that these cookies don’t require a cookie cutter!  
Plus I’m trying to perfect (a long way from it) my royal icing technique so 
I might give these a try.  
Too cute, right?

Mock me if you like, but I love a good Martha Stewart craft any day!

Even though I created my own Halloween wreath this year (and I’m in love)…

I still love this one!

 And I don’t think my comforting dinners would be complete without
 making my mashed potatoes into ghosts!  
Maybe then some of my picker eaters would eat them!

Is anyone else getting 
excited for Halloween?  
What are some of your favorite pins?

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