We Participated In A 10K Race!

The Cowtown to be exact!
But before you go on being completely shocked that
Mr. and Mrs. Fatty McFlabberton actually ran you are right…we CHEERED! It was a memorial run put on by my brother-in-law and sister-in-law for their sweet little Sophia. All of the family and some friends came together and supported their family one way or another. Some of us set up camp at the quarter mile marker to cheer on the gang and watch all of the kiddos.
Getting up at 5 does not warrant some pretty
pictures of one self so be fare warned!
Liam and his cousins chowing on powdered doughnuts…
so fitting for a race watching!

The one and only picture of Ian…of course he was behind the camera the whole time and took some fabulous shots.

My sister-in-law made the whole family pink shirts and gave us pink bandannas to wear. Owen had to show his support, too!

My mother-in-law brought pipe cleaners for all of the grandkids to play with. We are showing off our rings I made.

It was frigged most of the morning so we all fought to stay warm. Fought meaning fighting with Liam to keep his coat on!!!

He is so cute/handsome/cool in his bandanna…even if it is pink!

About 45 minutes into the race our runners starting to come through. Here is the fam in all their medal glory.

Here are most of the kids in all their goofy glory!

To check out more pictures (and a cool video!) take a peek
at Ian’s photography blog.

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