Weekend Bliss

Four things made my weekend…

Friday night I went and saw a movie…by myself.
I was needing to get out and it was too late to call a babysitter.
The Vow was wonderful and made me laugh and cry.
It also made my night that you can now pump your own butter over your popcorn. Hello!

Going on a mommy and son date with Liam.
We saw The Lorax and loved every minute of it.
Liam (on his very own) even shared some of his candy with me!
Two movies in one weekend=wonderful!

My favorite ice cream came out this month.
If you have Blue Bell near you,
I highly recommend this yummy concoction!

{I may or may not have had it for breakfast this morning}

Owen’s vocabulary expanded.
He says water…well, what loosely sounds like “wwwaaaaada”
He also knows where his eyes, nose and belly are!

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