Every now and then I like to be honest with you. It’s in hopes to reach out to others just like me who have…let’s use the word, quirks!

I have a hoarding problem.
I am compelled to hoard condiment packets.
And not just any condiments…the good kind like the fairly new Heinz dippable and squeezable ketchup.

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And I have a thing for strawberry jam packets. You never know when you might need to make a pb&j on the road.

I shave my arms.
Yep, I just admitted that.
I thought it was the freakiest thing when I found out a certain family member of mine did it, but then I looked at my gorilla arms 12 years ago and have done it ever since.

I sit on butter.
When I go to a restaurant that serves butter and bread, I will always slip a pat (wrapped of course) of butter under my thigh. Before you think I’m a total weirdo, I do it to warm it up. I loathe trying to spread cold butter on warm bread. It’s something I learned from my “friend” Donny Osmond. True story (that I once saw in an interview with him!)

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I’ve never eaten a macaroon.
Let me restate…I don’t ever want to eat a macaroon.
I know that they are all the rage right now.
And they come is some fantastic colors, but I kind of get the chills when I see them.
I know…it’s a cookie.
What could be so wrong about a cookie?
Something about them rubs me the wrong, unexplainable way.
Maybe some day when I eat one, I will eat my words as well.

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Am I the only quirky one here?

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