My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Opa



Well, we just found out this morning that Ian's Opa died at 2am. He had an aneurysm two days before and they didn't expect him to live much longer. The joke with Ian's family is that Opa has been saying he is going to die soon for about 15 years so his family will come out to see him more often...but now that it has happened, it's a little weird, but peaceful at the same time. My ulitmate favorite story about Opa is when we saw a picture of him in the most unexpected place.

When we lived in Texas we became really good friends with the bishop of our church and his family. We loved going over to their home for the best food and company. I can't even remember how the subject came up but we were talking to Margie and Mike about their wedding. She had mentioned that Bishop Jordan married them. Ian perked up and asked if it was Herb Jordan they were talking about? Ian's grandpa married the meyers over 20 years ago. By this point we had already known the Meyers for 3 years so the connection was so awesome. They pulled out a wedding picture and there was Opa in his brown suit standing between two of our greatest friends ever.

I love it when the world is small. We love you, Opa!


  1. sorry to hear about Opa.

    I love it when it's a small world too. Met Tabb (bff) in CA, turns out she's from FL-her parents recently retired to Ft. Walton and mine are next door in Milton(and loves elephants); and my new neighbor behind us is from Pensacola which is where we call home.

  2. i'm sad to hear about that. i'll let my parents know that he's gone. are you guys doing ok? planning a visit to TX any time soon??