My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Random



It's been a bit since I logged on and posted...cause I know that you all have been dying to hear from me!!! Crazy to think that in a year that I have gotten over 26,000 hits to my little ol' blog! We have been somewhat busy since last time. Friday the 20th a friend and I went to participate in the madness at Wal-mart to stand in line for the last Harry Potter book. There were so many weird people there, but cool that we had at least one thing in common...we love Harry! I started to read it when I got home so I could be a little ahead of Ian. We have this little unspoken competition thing going on to see who could read it the fastest. Two chapters is a pretty substantial start don't you think? No. Ian got up at 5am to start reading it and when I woke up at 9:30 he was already on chapter 8. We both read all day long and I still couldn't catch up to him...something along the lines of I had to take care of Liam. We tried taking turns, but I wasn't getting into the book as much as I thought. Sunday came and went with more reading. Finally Monday road around and I thought this was my chance to finally pass Ian because he was going to have to go to work. The little turkey went in early and didn't take a lunch so he was home by 3pm. Needless to say he finished the entire book at 11:30 with me still two chapters behind. I came in a close second and went to bed at midnight with the satisfaction of finishing it. We are such nerds and I love it!!!

On a not so happy note...Ian got food poisoning last week and was such a mess for three days. Let's just say that we will not be going to Cracker Barrel for a very long time. He just felt to horrible and was kind of on the pathetic side that it wasn't very hard to have sympathy for him. By Friday night he was feeling better. Saturday we cleaned up, organized some things and then headed to Target. It seems to be a Saturday ritual for us because there is always something that we "need" and we love shopping for it at Target. I found this cute little number some cowboy sleepers for Liam and three new toys for him to play with. I have been very adimit
from the start that whenever we get some new toy for him we put some already-been-played-with toys away. That way we can bring the old toys out in a couple of months and it's like Christmas. I get really bugged when there are a ton of toys just laying around so Ian made a fun little toy tin for Liam on Saturday as well. We found it at Wal-mart for $5. He used the Making Memories wall decor letter stickers for the front. So fun!


  1. awww! i've yet to finish 5...working on it. lovin' that dress and tin. love for the little man.

  2. Love the tin, such a cute idea!