Trying to be Christmasy

We have been trying to do some fun Christmas activities around here, but not as many as I had planned at the beginning of the month. The days just fly by with an almost 2 month old and an almost 4 year old.

Liam made some fabulous ornaments at preschool {thanks Tiffany!} and I know I will keep them forever!

Liam and I {mostly me making while he ate} made our annual gingerbread house with his Grandma Belinda. It’s one of my favorite parts of the season.
2008’s house
2009’s house

Ian had a random day off of work we saw Tangled 3D with the boys. We were the only ones in the theater. I always feel so cool when that happens! It’s now my second favorite Disney movie! The Little Mermaid being the first.

Last weekend we made a new tradition in our family. We all piled into the car and got some delish ho cho {hot chocolate for all of you amateurs} from Starbucks. I highly recommend getting the gingerbread ho cho. We drove to Fort Worth to see an amazingly lit house with Santa and Mrs. Claus waving to every passerby. When we pulled up to where Liam could see I excitingly pointed out Santa to Liam. He gasped and said with full enthusiasm, “OH, MRS. CLAUS! I love you!” That’s my little ladies man!

They passed out these cool glasses and Liam and I wore them all the next day. This is why they are so special…
Looking at my tree sans super cool glasses….
Then with the glasses. Every light turns into a snowman! I am still so intrigued by this phenomenon.
After driving around looking at lights we picked up some Chinese food and came home to watch a Christmas Story…Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra! So we dubbed the weekend before Christmas our lights tradition.

I received this most fabulous Christmas basket from my wonderful friend, Lori. I still haven’t unpacked it because it’s so fun to look at! She’s simply the best!

This little elf is a strong one. He is already holding his head up for a long time and loves to look at the world. He also loves to hang by the Christmas tree and marvel at the lights.

I also managed to whip up some friend/neighbor treats.

Of course we have been jammin’ out to Christmas tunes. This is my new favorite non-traditional song.
You can get it for free here!

Watching all the Christmas movies we own over and over is also a must!

Liam got a special message from Santa because he was a good boy this year. Maybe your kids could get one, too. Check it out!

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