Revealed (and a kinda sorta FFF #84)

Alright…I did it.

I still can’t believe that I did it.

The butterflies are still flitting around inside and IT’S done.

I’ve talked about this here and there.

So…I entered the RWOP/Paula Deen Contest.

My grandma heard about, who told my mom that I had to enter, then my mom told me I had to enter.

So, I did.

Every day I changed my mind on whether to do it or not.

It would have been a no brainer if it was just submitting a recipe by email.

But A VIDEO submission…come on! Who wants to see themselves on camera?

Not me!

Thanks to my new motto and especially to my sweet, encouraging husband I altered one of my favorite recipes and jumped in feet first!

You can check out my video here.

And there will be another one coming up in a few more weeks.

Here’s to hoping that I can become a finalist in such a fantastic contest!

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