My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Celebration



I am finally getting some of the birthday pictures up. Blogger is still being a stinker and not letting me upload some of my I am sure it's probably on my end! I promise I will still post pictures of his actual birthday party with his friends, but I still have to edit those.
Right after the party ended we hoped into the car and drove to Oklahoma. Minus one sister, his whole family was there visiting Ian's brother. There son was baptized that morning which we missed because of the party. Since the family was going to be all in one place we decided to celebrate Liam's actual birthday with them. We only stayed a day, but it was fun.
Logan drove up with us and he is (mostly) a blast to be with. Liam absolutely loves him and it's fun to see the uncle/nephew interaction. The night we got there grandma and grandpa stayed with the kids as all of us adults went and saw a late showing of Push.
The next morning we opened presents and had jumbo cup cakes (which I baked ahead!) After lighting the candles a few times...Liam kept blowing them out...and an aweful rendition of Happy Birthday (most of Ian's family cannot carry a tune in a bucket) Liam officially "made a wish" and blew out his birthday candles. It's hard to believe that I have a TWO YEAR old!
Through the mulitple, daily tantrums, being the pickiest eater, and typical toddler behavior...I completely love him. I have always said that I don't want him to grow up, but it's such a fun adventure that I just enjoy it day by day now.


  1. Happy Birthday Liam! It is kinda crazy how these kids grow, aye? BTW, those cupcakes look divine! hehe

  2. Happy birthday Liam! It sounds like you all had a great couple od days! He is adorable!

  3. where, oh where has the time gone?? TWO years old? wow!

    happy birthday, little man! we love and miss you so much!! muuuuuah!!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM. Two years old. You are growing up so fast. You owe your Grandma Leffler some kisses. Cupcakes look really good. Glad you had a great time.

  5. s.o.a.k. i.t. i.n. can't believe he's 2 already!! kisses for the little guy!