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Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

I am all for comfort food!  It’s something that I look forward to making and most definitely eating!  I just wish it was cooler longer in Texas so I could cozy up with a sweater and devour delicious soups, casseroles and copious amounts of hot chocolates! 

Chicken and Dumplings recipe that looks soooo good!  Comfort food is my favorite!  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle

Comfort foods like Sunday Roast, Chicken Broccoli Bake, and Chicken Fried Chicken totally come to mind now.  Granted, I don’t eat comfort foods as often as I would like or else I would have to take 4 hours naps every day!  There is something so great, though, about making and serving your family such a warm and delicious meal you know will fill them up and bring happiness to their soul! 

It's that time of year where it's okay to indulge in comfort food!  This Chicken and Dumplings recipe is definitely on the menu!  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle

This Chicken and Dumpling recipe is nothing short of perfection in a pot!  It’s creamy, rippled with flavor and a cinch to make.  Now that the weather is getting cooler (in most parts of the country!), make sure to add this into your rotation.  You’re loved ones will thank you!

It's that time of year where it's okay to indulge in comfort food!  This Chicken and Dumplings recipe is definitely on the menu!  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle

Chicken and Dumplings
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Serves 6-8

2 large chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
6 cups chicken broth
2 small chicken bouillon cubes
1 medium yellow onion,chopped
4 medium carrots, peeled and diced
2 celery stalks, medium sliced
1/2 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp Pepper
5 TBSP butter, divided
5 TBSP flour
3/4 cup heavy cream

1.  In
a large pot, simmer chicken breast in chicken broth with bouillon cubes
for 10-15 minutes or until no longer pink in the center. 
2.  Remove the
chicken to a plate and let cool.  Reserve broth. 
3.  In another large pot,
saute onions, carrots and celery with a pinch of salt in 2 tablespoons of butter
for about 6 minutes. 
4.  Add remaining butter and let it melt. 
5.  Add in flour and whisk together
for about 1 minute. 
6.  Slowly whisk in all of the chicken broth and bring to a
7.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.   
8.  Simmer for 8-10 minutes and taste again for seasonings. 
9.  Shred or cube chicken and add to the soup. 
10.  Stir in the heavy cream. 
11.  Add in dumplings.

For Dumplings:
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
2 TBSP chives, finely chopped
1 large egg
1/2 cup milk

1.  In a medium bowl whisk together flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and chives. 
2.  Mix in egg and milk until just combined.  
3.  Divide mixture into eight pieces and drop into hot soup mixture with a spoon. 
4.  They are not meant to be uniform. 
5.  Cover with a lid and simmer for 15 minutes or until dumplings are cooked through. 
6.  Serve. 

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    Plus Size Princess
    October 18, 2015 at 9:44 pm

    This looks amazing! I can't wait to try it. Thanks

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