Halloween Decorations

Earlier in the month I decorated our little cove with a few new Halloween decorations.  It’s right inside our front door so it’s the first thing people see when they come in or visit from the door.  Good thing you can’t see my kitchen from that spot!!!  Seeing my dirty dishes is sometimes too scary!

I found this genius Happy Halloween graphic on Pinterest and used it for my little black chalkboard.

Then I had my vinyl go-to girl cut me a stencil for my new favorite Boo (yah) sign.  Inspiration came from the fabulous Shop and Apparel Halloween kids shirt!  It didn’t come in my size so I had to settle for a sign.  LOVE IT!!!

I found this spooky (yet so cute!) spiderweb printable from Landeelu.  I already had the frame.  It just needed a spider to add the final touch so I simple drew on on paper with a black marker and cut it out.  Really fancy, right!  It’s what you’ve got to do when you don’t have any of those nice paper cutter machines most everyone else has.  It’s called street smarts, peeps!  Ha!

And then my most favorite holiday banner!  I made it and had it up last year.  I was sad when I had to take it down because I laaauuuve the color and pattern combo.  I even put a few of these scraps in my hexagon quilt!

The black monogrammed pumpkin is something I made years ago and still love it when I pull it out.  As well as my glittered orange pumpkin.  I made that probably 8 years ago and it’s still going strong.  The little white pumpkin I made this year with a $.98 pumpkin from Walmart.  I just sprayed it white and added gold vinyl polka dots.

And there you have it!!!

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