Happy Halloween!

I did some last minute hot glueing for costumes on Saturday for our church’s trunk or treat.  So that just means that I am ahead of the game today when it comes to being ready for Halloween tonight!
We are going with friends and enjoying mummy dogs and donuts before hand.  I’m going to make some of my favorite Butterscotch Sauce and have some apple slices for dipping!
My husband has his fog machine ready and our trick or treat bowl is brimming with candy to hand out.  It’s going to be an awesome night!
Check out our costumes below!

My two oldest decided to be the Wild Kratts (from PBS Kids) in the summer and I thought they would change their minds.  They sure didn’t!  That meant that I needed to try to pull together costumes and I ended up making their over vest and gloves.  I’d say they turned out pretty fantastic and the boys loved them!  The perfect Chris and Martin Kratt!

My littlest wanted to be Batman so I lucked out when I went to Coscto the same day they put out their costumes!  I’m excited he wanted to participate this year because in years past, he’s pretty much vetoed everything!

Originally, my husband and I went as Eleven and a Waffle (any Stranger Things out there?) to a party, but the wig drove me absolutely nuts I changed mine up.  We went as Chicken and Waffles!  I put my costume together with a little felt, old headband and it came together in 10 minutes.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to be our standby in years to come!


What did you and your family dress up as this year!  I absolutely love hearing (and seeing) everyone ideas.  Leave a comment below!
I hope you all have a wonderful and (slightly) spooky holiday!


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