How To Make Fun Confetti Eggs for Easter

Spring is almost officially here!  I absolutely love this time of year because everything is blossoming and it’s what I like to call my birthday season.  April is a pretty good month to have a birthday, in my opinion!
It also brings us Easter which is my second favorite holiday.  Some of my fondest childhood memories are eggs hunts with my family, finding my basket from the Easter Bunny hidden in the linen closet and getting a new dress to wear with my new Jellies (sandals) that I discovered in my basket.

Something I didn’t grow up with was Confetti Eggs and I wish I had!  It wasn’t until I moved to Texas (the second time) with my husband that I discovered them.  I saw a huge crate of them being sold at the grocery store and just passed by them.  I thought, “What in the world would you want those for?”  It wasn’t until we bought some for a family party that I discovered they are the best (and messiest) thing EVER!

These will bring you egg hunt to a whole other level!  They are super fun to smash on the ground, but even more fun to smash on top of someone’s head.  They are slightly (okay, really) messy because confetti goes everywhere, but I’m not one to shy away from a colorful yard!

Now, I won’t fool you into thinking this is a project that is going to be more inexpensive than buying the pre-made stuff.  I can buy a dozen of these at the store for about $1.88.  You can’t even buy a dozen real eggs for that now days!  However, I know these aren’t available everywhere so I wanted to share how you can make them at home for a fairly inexpensive price.

Here is what you’ll need…
Empty Egg Shells
Small Colorful Confetti
1 Piece of 8×11 Paper
Colorful Tissue Paper
Mod Podge
Small Foam Brush

1.  Start saving your egg shells whenever you use them for breakfast or baking a few weeks before you want to use them.  Just remember to crack off just a bit from the top and not in the middle.  You need most of the egg to be in tack.  Rinse them out with warm water and set them on a towel to dry overnight.

2.  Fold your sheet of paper into a cone and tape to secure.  Cut off a bit of the smaller end to make the opening for your “funnel”.  Make sure it’s big enough for the confetti to fit through, but not too big it won’t fit in the open end of your egg shell.

3.  Set your eggs into a clean egg carton.  Place the funnel into the
open end of the egg.  Spoon confetti into the funnel and tap down on the
paper to help it fall through the hole.  Fill up the egg completely.

4.  Once you’ve filled up all the eggs cut small squares from the tissue paper.  Big enough to cover the hole of the egg.

5.  Use Mod Podge to adhere tissue paper to the egg by brushing on a little bit just around the edges of the opening.  Place a single layer is tissue over the top and press to seal.

These can be made weeks ahead or can be used immediately.  The only hard part is remember to start saving your egg shells.

I really hope you make them!  They’ve become a tradition in our family and create really wonderful memories!


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