I spy with my little eye…

…a SPY!
Last week it was my turn to teach preschool. After 4 months of not teaching I was a little frazzled at the thought, but it was pretty fantastic and happened without a hitch! In pre-preparing I thought I had the letter T so I wanted to do a treasure hunt for things that started with T. I collected Capri Sun boxes because I wanted to make each of them a treasure chest. HOWEVER, I found out the week before that I had the letter S. What to do? It came to me two days before I had to teach to make a spy kit…a super spy kit. There wasn’t anything I could think of that started with the letter S, but I tried to include things that at least had the letter S in it.

First, I painted a double coat of tempura black onto the box. Hindsight, I should have sanded it down a little because it’s pretty slick.
Once it dried completely, I added some metallic sticker paper corners and cut a flap for the opening. Inside the box I taped down the circle finger holes and hot glued the side shut.
I printed a personalized label for each boy and included the following items (minus the magnifying glass because I couldn’t find one and completely forgot to make one like I wanted.)
To start off the activity I gave them each a top secret file folder. Inside I wrote, “Find things that start with the letter S.” I had hidden all of the supplies here and there. I got my treasure hunt after all. I think the boys liked it. I know that Liam hasn’t put his down since and loves to pretend he is someone else completely when he puts on his disguise!

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