Slowly, But Surely

I’m still not sure which is worse.  Packing or unpacking. 

As I type this, I’m in our office (yeah for a room specifically for an office!) that is crammed full of unopened boxes that I just haven’t gotten around to unpacking.  I basically wake up every morning telling myself I’m going to do it today and I don’t ever seem to make it happen. 

We knew it would take time to get settled.  There’s a list of things we would like to change, but I absolutely love our new house!  The layout, the light that comes through all of our windows, the large kitchen and pantry and definitely all the space we have to spread out in.  There was only one thing that drove Ian and I crazy, but we knew we could fix it.

The orange wall in the kitchen breakfast space.

Now, there are plenty of people in my life that totally love the color orange.  It makes them feel warm and happy.  I, however, put orange at the very bottom of the list of my favorite colors.  I’m okay with coral.  It’s the other darker shades of orange that drive me crazy.

Like the paint the previous owners chose.

Um. no.

There are actually many “um, no’s” going on in this picture.  Like those chairs with that table!  See I told you we needed help back here.  And the curtain that was in my previous laundry room pathetically hanging there because that window didn’t have blinds (it now does thank goodness!).  Don’t even mention the flooring.  

We went back and forth on what color we wanted to repaint it and we both agreed that grey would be the perfect wall neutral choice.  We want to bring in some color there with window treatments.  I also have a fantastic project that I’m currently trying to work out to hang on the wall behind the table. 

Like I said.  Slowly, but surely. 

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