Some Baby Must Haves

I have meaning to blog about this and keep forgetting…so for all of you new moms or moms to be these are some of my absolute favorites for my baby! Some of them I don’t use anymore, but were a lifesaver when I needed them.

I was introduced to this app from my great friend Mandy, via my husband. She was sharing some of her favorite apps from her iPhone and it was Ian who remembered this one. It’s called Milk Monitor and works for nursing and/or bottle fed babies. It tracks EVERYTHING! I use it a lot when he was first born, because I was in such a sleep deprived haze and I could barely remember my name. It’s such a step up from the huge white board we used when Liam was born. I remember my friend, Karin, took one look at it and laughed so hard. New parents…what are you going to do?

We were huge swaddlers with Liam and I knew that we wanted to do the same with Owen. Liam LOVED being swaddled and it calmed him down. Owen…well, he absolutely loathes it! However he would get even more upset because his hands would wake up him up ever few seconds. Ian’s cousin Shalene gave us two swaddle blankets that her son grew out of. I heard about these contraptions when Liam was born and I really was skeptical. How hard is it to swaddle a baby, people??? I though it was some scam that someone was making millions off of. Boy, did I eat my words. Owen now just mildly hates it sometimes when he is swaddle in the “special” blanket. It gives him some wiggle room all the while keeping his hands at baby.
Another app that we used for our iTouch was White Noise. I am all for living life as normal and as loud as you would even when baby is sleeping. I am that mom who vacuums around my sleeping children and they sleep just fine. However, Owen was little different from Liam and was a pretty light sleep those first few months. I think he is growing out of it little by little, but the app helped put a sound barrier between our somewhat noisy home life and my sleepy child. Brown noise is our favorite!
And since I am on the computer, a little more than I will ever admit, this next item totally comes in handy when all your child wants to do is be held. This sling from Seven frees up both of your hands and comes in adorable patterns. Thanks to my friend, Rachel (more like family) Owen and I can stay…close!

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