Summertime Treats

It gets hot in Texas.  And I mean, really hot!  We didn’t have a super cold winter last year so that typically means we’ll have a blazing summer.  I’ve learned to embrace it and have learned a few tricks throughout the years.
Number one tip is always remember to pack a cooler when you go to the grocery store.  We only live about 8 minutes from our local store, but anything cold seems to be about luke warm when you are unloading bags into your kitchen.  I learned this lesson the hard way too many times to count.
Number two tip is to stock your freezer with Popsicles and frozen treats.  For both the kids and adults!  I don’t indulge my kids every day with them, but they sure do cool you off after you’ve been outside for any period of time!

Typically I don’t tend to share well when it comes to anything coated in chocolate!  I like to stash them away in the back of the freezer.  But I knew that my oldest son would love biting into the Good Humor Girl Scouts Thin Mint Frozen Treats and the new Klondike S’mores.  He’s even done a few extra chores to earn an extra one after dinner.  I’m a little bummed that the store was all out of the new Good Humor Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich because I know he would have loved that as well!

Now, I’m warning you about the Magnum Double Raspberry bars.  Those you will need to hide in the back of your freezer and feel no guilt at all about not sharing.  I won’t tell!

I grew up on Popsciles so it’s always a fun treat to buy them for my boys.

Popsicle has got new Tropical Paradise flavors and my kids couldn’t decide which they like best!  They all were really good!  A great trick with any popsicles for a crowd is to unwrap them all and place them on a tray of ice.  That way you are in control of the messy wrapper and there’s no chance you find them lying around.

I like to have a little Breyer’s Gelato Indulgences on hand for my husband and I.  Their new Salted Caramel is pretty dang good!  That’s typically brought out after the kiddos are in bed!

What summertime treats do you like to stock up on?


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