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Less than two years!!! That's when we will be completely out of debt INCLUDING the jeep! I was so thrilled when we discovered this last night. We have been taking a finance class that Ian's work is paying for and we are actually enjoying talking about money!
I found out earlier this week that my 16th submitted project has been accepted for publication! It's an adorable layout of Aubrynn. The issue will be coming out the same month as her birthday so I am going to surprise her. She is going to flip!!! Those girls are so fun to take pictures of and Jenn is so good about letting me scrapbook them and turn in the projects. I need to make a note of planning a scrap date with her and Rachel. We are all so far behind and it helps them if we set time aside together.
Speaking of Jenn, she has had a tough last couple of weeks. She moved into her new (GORGEOUS) home and is trying to paint the entire thing before she unpacks. Through all of that her third youngest has to go to the ER and stay in the hospital for 5 days. All over Jenn's birthday and Valentine's Day. Friday Ian suggested that I just go over to her house and kidnap her for a girl's night out. She was so relieved and was in desperate need. We went shopping at the mall and Target and this time I actually had money to spend. We both found some fabulous things. Luckily enough by that time, PF Changs was still open so we cruised on over for some delish food. It was so fun just chatting with my best friend. We both looked adorable so we had alot of attention from not only our waiter, but the surrounding waiters as well. It felt kinda good to be waited on like that. Even though we are both married!!! HEHEHe!
Ian's family is coming into town this Wednesday. We haven't seen them for almost 2 years so it will be nice to visit with them again. More on that later!!!

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