My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Micky D's and a Winner!


Micky D's and a Winner!

Today I found this picture of me and my Grandma Cora.
It was probably my 6th birthday party (28 years ago!!!!)

I love this picture for a few reasons...

It's of me and my grandma
I have no front teeth
Just check out the cars in the background

My bangs are rockin'!

You can barely see, but I am wearing RED knee socks
It's back when you only took maybe one or two pictures of something special because
it was expensive to get pictures developed!

And if a birthday isn't great enough...a birthday AT McDonald's is even better!!!
Did you have a birthday at a fast food restaurant?
That was such the thing back in the 80's. the winner for this adorable little case.

Congratulations Debbie!
Email me your address and I will ship it off to you!

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  1. I love this!! I cherish old photos like these...of course I am a scrapbooker so they are extra special when I put them on a page ;)

    We used to have birthday parties at a local pizza place - Happy Joes. They would blare a siren and honk a big horn and embarass the hell out of you - hehe!