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Coconut Cashew Toffee Recipe

Super easey Coconut Cashew Toffee Recipe  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle
I know it's the beginning of the year and most everyone is focused on eating healthy and clean.  This toffee recipe definitely doesn't fit into that category, but it totally fits into one of the best toffee categories that's for sure!
It only takes 5 super simple ingredients to make and will seriously 'wow' those you share it with.  

Most toffee recipes call for some sort of nuts sprinkled on top so when I saw coconut cashews, I knew they would be perfect for this.  Feel free to leave off the nuts all together.  I promise it's just as good! 
Super easey Coconut Cashew Toffee Recipe  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle
Coconut Cashew Toffee
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1 cup granulated sugar
2 sticks unsalted butter, cut into cubes
2 TBSP water
1 1/2 cups semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips
1 cup coconut cashews, roughly chopped

1.  In a medium pot stir together sugar, butter and water over medium high heat.
2.  Bring to a boil and continually stir for about 7-9 minutes or until toffee turns a light to medium amber color.
3.  Remove from heat and immediately pour out onto a cookie sheet.
4.  With an offset spatula, gently spread out just a little until toffee is even thickness.  You won't spread it to the edges of the cookie sheet.
5.  Quickly sprinkle with chocolate chips and let it sit for 1 minute.
6.  Spread chocolate evenly over toffee and sprinkle with chopped coconut cashews.
7.  Cool completely before breaking into small pieces, about 2 hours.

*I bought my coconut cashews at Trader Joe's.

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