How To Make Your Christmas Tree Look Amazing! (Plus A Video!)

I’m sure like most of you, I have the same Christmas tree every year.  Once in a while I’ll get a few new ornaments and it’s definitely evolved over the years.  One thing that has changed is my technique on how I decorate it.  I’ve discovered a great new trick/tip/hack that has made my tree look amazing this year with half the work!

I’ve learned that trees look best if most of the ornaments look like they are “growing” off the branches rather than hanging off them.   Meaning, they are placed right under the branch with a wire.  When I was decorating my tree this year I had been to the store multiple times already and always forgot to get wire.  I was over it and was thinking if I had anything at home that would work.  Bobby pins popped into my mind and I knew it was a genius thought and surprised myself!  HA!

They worked fantastically and my tree looks wonderful!  The ornaments just clip to the tree and you can’t even see the bobby pins.  It truly took no time at all to string most of my ornaments and then I just placed them where needed.
Now this doesn’t work for all ornaments.  Only ones that are pretty light weight and not terribly large.  The video below shows exactly how I did it!


You can also watch how to do this on Youtube!



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