Mini Heart Valentine Cakes

Mini Heart Valentine Cakes are simple to make with only two ingredients! Plus they are no bake and take only minutes to create!

Small pink heart cake on a mini cake stand.

Valentine’s Day can be such a fun holiday.

I love that you can celebrate it as big or as little as you want. With a simple love note or a 7 course meal for your loved one.

I like to celebrate somewhere in the middle. Yes, I enjoy to create valentine printables for my kid’s classmates like these “You’re Kool ” and “You’ve Got The Write Stuff” printables.

White small heart cake on a tiny cake pedestal.

I also like to make my family Valentine themed breakfasts with Heart Shaped Bacon.

Then there are years where I buy the store bought valentine’s and call it a day!

There are a few reasons why I love these Mini Heart Cakes. The best part is they are a no bake dessert! You might be surprised to also know there is only 2 ingredients to this recipe!

Pink and white tiny heart cakes on a wire rack

You could make a bigger version of these cakes, but I just can’t resist this mini version! They look so adorable in the tiniest little cake stands with a dome cover.

Mini pink and white heart cakes with sprinkles on tiny cake stands

I’ve written about all the step by step instructions for these adorable Mini Heart Valentine Cakes over at Fun365.

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