A Vow of Silence

I am playing the quiet game…
because the more I talk the more I COUGH!!!
I am usually a fan of winter,
but this year I could have totally done
without the weather being in the teens, snow,
ice and a family of 4 sickies this year!
Poor Liam got the brunt of it last week,
but his cough is still lingering.
I was feeling better
(because I had some sort of sore throat/gunky thing going on),
but I think I got his cough.
Ian got something and was finally down for a
few days after he so lovingly took care of all of us.
And pour little Owen…is starting it all up today.
I think we just need to air out the house,
wipe everything (and everyone)
down with lysol and take a trip to the doctor. YUCK!
Poor kid…this was him last Thursday.
He is all smiles now because he got to celebrate his birthday!!!
More on that later.

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