Happy Valentine’s Day!

I went shopping today and enjoyed seeing men everywhere. 
Let me restate…I loved seeing men buying their loved ones flowers and chocolates!

Valentine’s Day still isn’t a huge deal around here, but I did get my littles a small little valentine and am about to go out and buy the hubs some cologne.  So cliche, but he’s due for a new scent. 

Yesterday I whipped up some mini cupcakes and ended up with way more than we needed to have in the house.  I plated some up and as a family we delivered some to friends.  No one was home, but it was fun to leave them a surprise on their door step!

I’m excited to see all the fun valentines Liam will bring home from school today.  I was lame this year and sent out digi valentines to my family.  I guess I can’t be too lame when I used Red Stamp.  
Have you heard of of it?  It’s an adorable way to correspond digitally.  All you do is drag in a picture, type a little something and send.  It’s genius if you ask me. 

Here are some of my favorite valentines…


 And since I can’t give you an actual plate of scrumptious petite cupcakes, here’s my valentine to each and every one of you! 

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