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How To Make Googley Candy Eyes

I have a new philosophy in life.
If you can make it yourself (especially for less) then do it. 

Last year as I was making my son’s 3rd birthday cake I ended up with some left over royal icing.  It dawned on me to make my own googley candy eyes.  They turned out fabulous!  The kicker?  I had just bought some for $3.99 for 30.  30 EYES!!!  I had just made over a hundred for pennies.  I ended up returning those 30 million dollar eyes.   

How to make your own Googley Candy Eyes (for cheap!) | My Name Is Snickerdoodle #candy

This year I decided to make it an annual thing because having 3 little
boys in the house, we put them on everything.  I invited my amazing
friend, Amanda, over because these types of things are way more fun with friends!

Make your own candy eyes for cheap! | My Name Is Snickerdoodle
This takes no time at all and is SUPER simple. 
How to make your own Googley Candy Eyes (for cheap!) | My Name Is Snickerdoodle #candy
I mean, look at how fun these are!!!  And with Halloween coming up, the possibilities are endless!
How to make your own Googley Candy Eyes (for cheap!) | My Name Is Snickerdoodle #candy

So here’s the scoop…

Googley Candy Eyes

4 cups powdered sugar
5 TBSP meringue powder
1/2 cup cold water

black gel food coloring
2-3 cookie sheets
parchment paper
2 pastry bags fit with a #3 tip OR a freezer bag

Make your own candy eyes for cheap! | My Name Is Snickerdoodle

1.  Line each cookie sheet with parchment paper.  This will ensure your eyes come off when they completely dry.

2.  In a large mixing bowl, beat together powdered sugar, meringue powder and 1/2 cup of water.  I use my Kitchen Aid for this.  Beat for about 3-5 minutes.  It’s at this point you can adjust more water or a little more powdered sugar.  You want the icing to be smooth and when you lift up your whisk and it drizzles back into the bowl, it should disappear after about 10 seconds.   

Make your own candy eyes for cheap! | My Name Is Snickerdoodle

3.  Take about 1 1/2 cups of the frosting out and place in a medium bowl.  Add in about 5-10 drops of black food coloring and mix until desired color.   

4.  Fill one pastry bag with white icing and the other with black icing.  I like to place mine in large cups until I’m ready to use them. 

Make your own candy eyes for cheap! | My Name Is Snickerdoodle
(I switched things up a bit and did white on black eyeballs.  SO FUN!)

5.  With the white icing, just make small, medium or large dots depending on what you need.  It’s also fun to put a few touching each other.

6.  By the time you use all of your white, the first ones will be dry enough for you to start to put on your “pupil”.  Just put the tiniest dot onto each ‘eyeball’.  Place some in the center and then offset some for variation.  They are supposed to be googley afterall!

7.  Let them dry over night.  I usually don’t touch them for a good 24 hours.  When completely dry they will just slide off the parchment paper.  I store them in an airtight container and keep them in my spice cabinet for easy access.  They last for up to a year.   

How to make your own Googley Candy Eyes (for cheap!) | My Name Is Snickerdoodle #candy

So, tell me.  What would you use these for?  We’ve put them on cupcakes, made monster cakes and even threw a few on pancakes just for fun!

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  • Reply
    Alexis AKA MOM
    September 19, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    OMGosh I can't wait to try making these. I buy them all the time would love to save some money!

  • Reply
    September 21, 2014 at 2:18 am

    They're fabulous! I needed some last year, and they really weren't easy to find. Never thought to make my own!

    • Reply
      September 22, 2014 at 12:36 am

      Thanks Bella!, I found it to be the same so I would buy them when I could find them…never again!!

  • Reply
    September 28, 2014 at 5:21 am

    Random, but do they taste good just on their own? I know sometimes decorations can just taste normal/sweet, but I'm wondering if these could be candyish just by themselves?

    • Reply
      September 29, 2014 at 2:28 am

      My kids love them! I'm pretty sure that this would be very similar to those candy buttons…the ones in mulitcolors on long strips of paper?!

  • Reply
    Lauren Smisko
    September 29, 2014 at 4:00 am

    This is genius! I've wanted candy eyes so many times but wasn't willing to buy them. I can't wait to make these. Thanks!

    • Reply
      September 29, 2014 at 2:21 pm

      Thanks Lauren! What's also great about making your own is you can make different sizes.

  • Reply
    September 30, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    That is awesome! I thought of making those googly eyes out of meringue too.
    Thanks for sharing, pinning it for later.

  • Reply
    Lauren Harper
    November 17, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    Where do you get meringue powder?

    • Reply
      November 17, 2014 at 10:05 pm

      I usually pick mine up at Hobby Lobby or I've seen it at Walmart. Both in the cake decorating isle.

  • Reply
    September 3, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    I am excited to make some of these this year. Have you ever used a substitute for meringue powder? I was just hoping to make some today and not run to the store. 🙂

    • Reply
      September 3, 2015 at 11:54 pm

      I know there are recipes for royal icings that use actual egg whites. Just make sure the consistency is thin.

    • Reply
      September 4, 2015 at 8:29 pm

      Ok, thanks!

  • Reply
    October 19, 2016 at 9:25 am

    Hi what is meringue powder?

  • Leave a Reply