I’m no professional…

…but I like to pretend that I’m a nail tech every now and then.  Hahaha!  Yah, right!  When I do my nails they are no where near perfection, but I totally love doing them.  Usually really late at night when everyone is in bed and I don’t have to do a single thing, but sit there and let them dry.  Yah, right again!  Typically someone cries and needs to be patted or needs a drink right at the very moment I put the lid on the polish bottle!

A few weeks ago I went a little fancy, but this time around I decided for quick and easy (with a little bit of glam!).

 I’ve really been trying hard to not bite my nails (again!!!) and it helps if 
I keep them painted in some form or fashion.  
Can you tell? 
Any brand of tip stickers work and I find that Wal-Mart always has them (usually by the nail clippers and fake French press on nails).  
I chose gold, but you could do any color.  Place the stickers on your nails and paint a thin coat on your tips.  Let it dry and then paint another thin coat.  Let dry completely before peeling the sticker off.  Paint complete nail with a clear coat and let dry.  Enjoy! 
I linked up to the Nail Files here.  Thanks, Becky for sharing the link!

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