I’m not going to lie…

…I’m a wreck on the on the inside and don’t know when the waterworks are going to erupt.
My first born started school today.  Like, official-will-be-gone-all-day first day of school!

I started crying over this fact a year ago…yes, I said a year ago.  I’ve had him all to myself for 5 years and I don’t really like sharing my kids.  So, I’ve had a good solid year to get it all out and focus on the excitement!  But if I think about it too hard, I tear up and can’t stop.

Let me say this, though, I am super excited for him!  He is completely ready and is very excited as well.  I’ve always tried really hard to put a positive outlook on school so I think that’s helped…a lot.

Last week we went to meet the teacher night and just love his teacher.  She’s new to the school, but has been teaching for a few years so she’s fresh!

We got to sit at his spot and take a look around the room.  Ian and the other boys were just as intrigued by Liam’s new surroundings. 

Over the weekend we did his pre-homework homework and decorated a star with all of his favorite things.  He even drew a robot that is holding his picture up.

So, this morning we all got up and got ready to go.  Late last week I pre-made him special pancakes spelling out his name (which he luuuuuhhhved) and froze them, because I’m no dummy.  I knew this morning would be hectic so it was much easier to pop them in the microwave and be done with it. 

Once he was all dressed, Ian captured a few “must have” pictures.

Can you tell he is so focused in this pic?  {Even though it drives me insane that this is how he likes his hair, I know I’ll look back one day and just love it!}  He is so ready to go!  I’m hoping on the last day of school to take this same shot again to see how well his writing has gotten.

Now, there’s the Liam I know…all smiles, even if they are goofy!  (Okay, tears are starting to come now!)

We parked across the street from the school and all walked over together.  We saw and chatted with some friends.  You could feel the excitement/nervousness in the air!  Oh, it brought me back to my school years. 

At this point, Liam got really quiet and his eyes were opened up as big as they could be soaking it all in.  (Can’t stop the tears…)

He went right over to his desk and and started his quiet assignment.  We got a quick picture with his teacher then it was time to go.  Ian gave me that look like make it quick so I just gave him a big hug and kiss, told him that his teacher would help with everything and that I would be back to pick him up later in the day.  You could see the excitement on his face and I knew that he would be just fine.

The moment my body walked out of his room, I cried until we got to the car.
Please tell me it get’s easier with every day???

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