Time Week 4

I’m a little hesitant to even put this out there because I don’t want to sabotage myself…but here I go.  I’m back on the band wagon to loose weight.  
I know that I can do it because I lost 70 lbs right before Owen was born.  
Then I ate, 
ate some more,
gained it all back, 
got pregnant 9 months later, 
lost 30 lbs, 
gained 40, 
gave birth, 
lost 30,
then quickly gained 10 lbs back.  
Hello crazy roller coaster!

When I did lose the 70 lbs 2 years ago everyone asked me what I did.  
It was as simple as eating less and I was doing yoga at the time.  
I forgot that I was also drinking a ton of water! 

So this week as I am trying to juggle everything that takes time…I’m taking time to drink water.  
It’s hard for me to get into it at first, 
but once I start and make it a part of my day to get in all the fluids I need, 
it’s a piece of cake…{oh delicious chocolate cake!} 
As I was doing a little research I found out that we actually need to drink more than 8 cups a day.
For women we need to drink 9 cups or more of fluids and men need 13 cups or more a day. 
How much you need also depends if your daily activities 
(nursing, exercising more, or even if your sick). 
Milk and juice can count as our fluids, 
but water is free and calorie free so it’s a bonus. 
If you struggle with remembering to drink enough water (other than just being thirsty) 
here are some tips that I came up that I’ve used in the past.  
Tips for drinking more water:
Pick something during the day that is a constant and drink water whenever that occurs…i.e…
If you watch TV, drink a glass of water during the commercial breaks.
If you have children that nap at certain times of the day, drink a glass of water once they go down.
Set a timer.
Use your kitchen timer or set one on your phone.  
Every 10 minutes, 30 minutes…whatever works for you.  
Whenever it goes off, drink.
Drink whenever the phone rings (or you get a text).
Take a few gulps before you answer.
If you work in an office, take a drink or two whenever someone walks by your desk.  
(This one worked really well for me when I was working.)
Bring a water bottle with you when you are out and about.
For every red light that you stop at, take a drink.  
I’m headed off to take time to drink a whole glass of water…what works for you?

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