Two Party Tricks When Serving Frozen Treats

This summer I’ve got some fun parties planned with friends!  Whenever I throw a party I like to pretend that I have everything prepared well in advanced.  When, in fact, I’ve prepared it all in my mind and am usually rushing around minutes before people show up and making the finishing touches.
I am determined to make things a bit different this year and just be prepared with it comes to every little detailed.  Crossing my fingers that I can make this come true!  Usually my parties start with the food!  And more specifically the desserts!  Since it’s summer those usually include some sort of frozen treat.

I’ve recently discovered gelato.  I know.  Where have I been living?  If you haven’t tried it yet, you haven’t lived!  I got my hands on some Breyers Gelato Induldgences and knew that instant I would be switching up my typical ice cream with it.  It’s unbelievably creamy and ultra decadent!  Breyers has some pretty fantastic new flavors.  Mine favorite is the Chocolate Caramel pictured below.

I already have some popsicles and treats planned for the kids, but I like to go a little above the bar for the adults.  This gelato is perfect for indulging your friends with!
To help me be a little prepared I plan on pre-scooping out my gelato.  That way I won’t be stuck holding a sticky scoop in the hot summer sun and the gelato is melting down my arm!  This trick also works for ice cream as well.

  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • Quickly scoop out full scoops of gelato and place evenly apart on the parchment.
  • Place baking sheet into the freezer and chill until ready to serve.

This method also really helps when you have a large crowd!  Time saver and doesn’t make a huge mess!

Another fun treat to serve are the Mini Magnum Bars.  And let me just say…I got into a little trouble with these because I kept going back to the freezer to get one more, and one more!  They have a new Double Chocolate version that is absolutely heavenly!!!  Let’s just say that the words Belgium, chocolate, silky, chocolatey sauce, chocolatey coating go really well together!

I love the mini version because there is always someone watching what they are eating, but still want to enjoy a little treat here and there.  Don’t get me wrong.  The regular size Magnum bars are fantastic, but the mini version still make you feel like your getting away with something!

  • Fill a large platter (preferably with sides) with ice.
  • Unwrap each Mini Magnum Bar and place onto the ice.
  • Serve.

This method is great because it will last a little while longer than just putting out a box onto the table.  The ice helps keep it frozen and the presentation is fun!

Whatever you decide to serve at your summer parties, join me in the fight of being prepared and not running around last minute!  This way, we will have more time to enjoy our friends company and eat a frozen treat (or three!).

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