Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

After reading that title, how many of you thought I was going to announce I was expecting again?  Haha!  No.  We are done having children, but I sure do feel like I’m still surrounded by babies.  I don’t mind one bit!
I’ve recently shared some baby showers I’ve helped throw this year (here and here) for some of my wonderful friends.  Still obsessing over those balloon garlands!  Now it seems like more of my friends are pregnant and are about to add more adorable little ones to the mix.
At the beginning of spring, one of those friends asked my husband to take some gender reveal pictures for them.  Did you know he was a family/wedding photographer?  Just on the side, but he does a pretty phenomenal job.  If you are in the Austin area and needing photos, send me an email!
Ashley wanted a couple different versions that she could share with family and friends and had some fabulous idea in mind.  No matter what she came up with it would have been superb because she’s wonderful like that (and has a gorgeous family!).
With her permission and (and my husband’s) I’m sharing this photos because they are just too gorgeous not too!  Plus, I love sharing fun ideas with my readers!

Such a great idea for baby gender reveal pictures! |

 The kids had fun opening the box that Ashley made.

I'm dying over how adorable these photos are! Such a great idea for baby gender reveal pictures! |

These set of pictures turned out adorable!  We are so excited for them and their new little girl coming soon!

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