Getting my craft on

The other day we (the whole family) were at Hobby Lobby I can’t remember what we went there for but you never need an excuse to shop there! We ended up back by the paper mache/wood letter department. Ian came across some of their paper mache letters and found GKP. If you haven’t check out Grey Key Photography yet, please feel free to stop reading right now and take a look! He wanted to paint them gray (go figure) and display them on his work space. I headed to the front to check out while he grabbed some paint. It wasn’t until we were home that he discovered he grabbed platinum. It is the coolest color (much better in person). We painted all three for less than $10 and I am sure if I had any coupons it would have been cheaper.

Kind of similar to this A that Ian bought me
at Anthropologie for well over $10!

We also picked up this egg and I was struggling with what color to paint it. Then I decided to go for the metal look and I really like it. We painted it first with a darker gray color and brushed the platinum over it.

You can’t really tell from the picture,
but it really looks like metal!
I stole some grass from Liam’s Easter Basket to
make a little nest for my egg.
Maybe it will hatch and make me rich!

It’s my first Easter decoration!

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