A Weekend Surprise

Friday night Ian informed me that he had a surprise for me…on Saturday! It killed me not knowing so I hounded him until we fell asleep. He gave me clues and I had it stuck in my head that he was getting a bunk bed for the boys room. Looking back they were great clues and it cracks us both up that I came up with bunk beds! When I found out that it was one of my bestest friends from Utah coming to visit AND bringing her little daughter to play with Liam, I cried some happy tears and then squealed with delight! She wasn’t even here 24 hours, but we had one wonderful time. I call her my friend with benefits…airline benefits that is!

Pictures stolen from Rachel’s FB page!

While Ian wrangled Liam and Allie, Rachel and I shopped the day away at Charming Charlie, ate delicious junky food and chatted up a storm.

Liam was being a stinker and didn’t want one picture taken! Owen is about the same size as Allie!

I have some really fantastic Texas friends, but sometimes a girl needs some love from out of state!

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