Merry Christmas?

Um….it’s been a while.
Like weeks.
And weeks.

Let’s just say I’ve been busy.  I mean, three young little ones + the holidays + every single one of us being sick = one very busy mom. 

But, I never forgot about you, my loyal friends/readers!  I’ve been thinking about my little portion of the “web” and how to better it for me and for you.  So many fun ideas in store for sure! 

I cannot, however, just skim over last year and not post a little about our Christmas.  I am the only one who thought it just flew by?  We even had an extra week because of Thanksgiving being a little early and as I was taking the tree down, it felt like I just put it up! 

When I talked about us being sick, it happened to start the day Liam got out of school.  It hit us full force the Saturday before Christmas and lingered into the new year.  Lots of movies were watched, plenty of snuggle time, and lots of naps.  Good thing the boys had new toys to play with or else I think we would have all got crazy!

We did make time to do some fun things through the month, though. 

The boys got to decorate their tree.  
Ian, his brother Logan and I got away to see The Hobbit.  I didn’t love it as much as I love LOTR, but it was pretty great! 
Liam made his pre-Santa letter list of the things he was going to ask for.  
He was proud that he used his Christmas letter version on his name.
I sold gingerbread house kits this year to local friends and neighbors.  
One night I had two darling girlfriends, Jes and Mandy over to actually make houses of their own.  We all had a blast and started a new tradition!  
We’ve been going through the ups and downs of little one teething.  
Oh, the joy!  
#5 & 6 are starting to make their appearance. 
(My new favorite picture of him!)
Puzzle time!
I really didn’t have a ton of time to bake anything (because I was busy baking gingerbread houses) 
so I whipped up some Clementine Honey Butter to give to a few friends and teachers.  
Recipe to come!
Mrs. Claus brought the boys their Christmas pajamas Christmas Eve.  
Even Ian had the same bottoms.  
My mom actually made them and they all loved wearing them!  
This was our attempt for the “perfect” picture! 
And I got my Christmas wish (for the last two years)…a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!  
I bundled up my two sick boys and took them out for about 2 minutes.  
You can just mail my mother of the year award.  

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas.  Even though the majority of our plans got cancelled,
we all really enjoyed ourselves and it was nice not having to run around trying to do everything!

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