Time Week 2

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I spend a lot of time at the grocery store.  It used to be my of my favorite and inspiring times of the week, but now that this my new reality…

…grocery shopping is not so pleasant anymore! 

I want to be as organized and quick as I can so I can get out of there fast!  AND remember everything that I have to get so I don’t have to make a return visit soon.  One way I do that is with my list.  

In the past I would sit down and write my list of things that I had been mentally listing for what I needed that week.  I would ALWAYS forget something and then I would have to head back to the store for whatever.  Plus, it would take too much time to actually sit down and write it up.  

I found a perfect solution for me (and maybe for you).  We live in an apartment so I am limited on what I can put up on the walls.  Well, I didn’t have to put this up on the walls, but “transformed” two of my cabinets without any holes or anything sticky.  Chalkboard Vinyl.  When we move it will peel right off!  I use one half for more of my “to do” list and the other side for my grocery list.

During the week (or the few days in between shopping days) I just quickly write down something that comes to mind that I need.  Or when we run out of something, like ketchup etc., I can jaunt it on my board right away.  Then I don’t have to remember everything when I get around to writing my “master list”.  This has been fool proof for my grocery time management. 

You can use a current chalkboard that you own or maybe you have a dry erase board.  Make whatever you have work for you.

You know I always have a question for you so I can learn something new…so, what do you do to keep yourself organized and save some time when it comes to grocery shopping?

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