I am so ready!

My house has never been more clean than it has these last couple of days.
I am wiped out most days before I even get out of bed.
I shave my legs every day now.
All the bags are packed.

I am so ready for this baby to come! Technically I still have 25 more days to go, but I don’t see how that is even possible. I am feeling pains, stretches and movements that indicate he wants out, but no contractions yet! Not to mention that I am ginormously HUGE…even to the point where people are starting to stare!!!! I am hoping for this week, but I have a ton of stuff to get done so maybe that won’t be a great idea. Maybe right after Easter…as if I can truly plan when this baby comes when I am not having a c-section. Just my ramblings as a sleep deprived pregnant woman! Thanks for loving me anyways!

So, I finished his quilt a few weeks ago…

The more I see it the more I fall in love with it! Our boys love their blankies so much that I hope this little ones loves his, too!

Over the weekend my mom sent me some pretty adorable burp cloths that she made along with the stuffed animal that my dad picked out for baby (not pictured).

It’s a tradition in my family that my dad buys my children their very first toy which is always a snuggle-y stuffed animal. I absolutely love it and look forward to see what he will pick out.

Alright…give me your “wives-tales” ways of
putting yourself into labor…I know you all have them!

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