Let It Snow!!!

I always hope and dream for a white Christmas every year, but most of the time, my wish is not granted. So, this year I’m making it snow inside my house! And the weather forecast shows that it will be snowing in here till the end of January for sure!

While I was shooting cooking videos in Savannah this month I came across this fantastic (and inexpensive) decorating idea. My friends (and fellow hosts) fell in love with the idea as well, but I knew it was perfect for my home because of my theme this year. I decided for years to come that I will have a “Cabin Chic” theme for our Christmas decor. Glittered pine cones, rusted wooden sleds, pine bows and lost of red and silver. So, why wouldn’t tying up marshmallows with fishing line and hanging them from my ceiling not be the perfect added touch this season?

Now, I did have dreams for it to be a full on curtain, but I ran out of time (and large marshmallows). I’m in love!

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