Rustic Chicken Pasta

Pasta, pasta, pasta!  It's such a comforting food.  Whether it's dressed in a garlic cream sauce or smothered in a bolognese, it's just plain good!

Angel hair pasta is my favorite but, when I need a thicker, hearty pasta I crave penne.  The sauce clings to those little tubes and holds up to any type of meats you want to add to it.  That's why I chose to use it in this recipe.

This is one of those WOW recipes!  My husband has requested it for many birthday dinners, but sometimes I like to sneak it in here and there when I "need" a truly comforting pasta dish. 


Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

I live with a few cookie monsters.  Especially my oldest.  He can sniff out any cookie from a mile away!  One of my goals in life is to train him to make the best chocolate chip cookies on his very own.  Whenever I pull out the ingredients, he is right by my side ready to help.

A few years ago we were at the mall and he saw his very first giant cookie.  You know the ones.  All covered in bright colored (slightly disgusting) frosting.   Being 5 years old at the time, his mind was completely blown that there was such a thing in the world!  He begged and begged that we buy him one, in which he was totally disappointed that we settled for a regular size one.  Seeing his little sad face pulled on my mom heartstrings but, I have a hard time buying things I know I can make myself a thousand times better at home.

His birthday was just a few weeks away after that mall trip and I wow-ed him by making him his very own giant cookie instead of birthday cake.  He's requested every year since!     
Your're kids will flip when they see this Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie you can make at home!  | My Name Is Snickerdoodle


Sausage Stuffing

All growing up, I hating stuffing (or dressing) at Thanksgiving.  Maybe it just got in the way of my favorite side, mashed potatoes and gravy.  Or maybe it was just the way my mom made it.  Sorry, mom, I love you!  But guess where this recipe comes from?  My mom.  I know, I just said that I hated it.

The ingredients are all the same, with a few tweaks here and there in the prepping.  They make all the difference, though!  Just the smell alone of this cooking in my house brings back every single Thanksgiving of my childhood.  Watching the parade with my mom, helping out a little in the kitchen prepping the Banana Cream Pie and listening to Christmas music.  Maybe that's why I make this every year.  Or maybe it's because is dang tasty and can hold it's own next to those creamy mashed potatoes!   
This Thanksgiving Stufing/Dressing comes together in no time! This savory side is made with crusty bread, sausage and onions.  So delicious!  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle


Kids Hand Print Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Every year about this time, I get a ton of emails and messages asking me about my sweet little Hand Print Christmas Wreath I made and posted about 5 years ago.  When I made it, it was mostly a throw back to my child hood because I remembered doing something similar in school.
(Here's the original picture with my very old picture tag.)
Make this adorable (and inexpensive) Christmas Hand Print Wreath with your kids!  It's sure to be your most valuable Christmas decoration!  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle


Triple Chocolate Cream Pie

I have got Thanksgiving menu overload on the brain lately.  Maybe it's because recipes are flooding the social media atmosphere due to the fact that Thanksgiving is, in deed, coming in 9 days!  When did that happen?

This Triple Chocolate Cream Pie is to die for!  As in, you won't even be able to resist eating it for breakfast kinda of way.  I may speak from experience.
Triple Chocolate Cream Pie | My Name Is Snickerdoodle


Soft And Chewy Ginger Sandwich Cookies

So, I promised you in my last post that I was going to wow you with a super simple addition to my Ginger Cookies.  I sure hope you are because these have climbed super quick up on my list of favorite cookies....like, of all time!  Well, at least during the fabulous holiday seasons!  The smell of these cooking alone spark that holiday spirit that I just can't resist. 
Ginger Sandwich Cookies with a Cream Cheese Frosting for a filling.  So soft, chewy and completely delicious!  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle


Ginger Cookies

If you are looking for a completely irresistible soft and chewy Ginger Cookie, oh boy do I have one for you!  These would make for any great holiday treat to share with your neighbors or bake up a batch and treat yourself along with a cup of hot chocolate! 

And if these weren't delicious enough, wait till tomorrow when I add a whole other element that will knock your socks off.  Let's just say I've made them too many times that the button on my jeans will allow!!


Checking In

Hey!  I've been out for a little while and will continue to be out for a little while longer due to a crummy trip to the ER that turned into an oh so comfortable 5 days stay in the hospital.  I am doing better, but not anywhere where I should be.

I promise I'll be back with some fantastic posts, but in the meantime you can catch a few of my recipes over here...
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