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Chicken (Or Turkey) Pot Pie Recipe

One of the great things about left overs is transforming them into new recipes.  This Chicken Pot Pie recipe is especially great to use around holiday meals.  Use up those Thanksgiving vegetables and of course the delicious turkey (like this one).  It also works great with just your standard chicken and frozen veggies you already have on hand.
The best recipe for Chicken (or Turkey) Pot Pie!  Savory and so comforting!  |


Adorable Christmas Kids Hand Print Wreath How-To Video

My all time favorite Christmas decoration has to be all three of my boy's hand print wreaths!  I made each of them when my son's each turned 2 (or were 2 years old when Christmas time came around).  Two years ago I created a tutorial post on how to create it yourself and it was pretty self explanatory!  You can find it HERE
Now we are in the age of videos for everything so I though I would create a super quick video showing you exactly how to make a hand print wreath!

Snowmen Donuts

Snowmen always remind me of my mom.  She's got quite the collection!  When I made these Snowmen Donuts for my boys I couldn't help but think of her.  She always makes things so fun for little kids and LOVES this time of year.  Maybe it's where I get it from! 
Fun Snowment Donuts!  Perfect to make during the winter months as a surprise treat!


Christmas Tree Brownies

I'm trying to make everything extra Christmas-y for my kids this year.  Who am I kidding?  I love it as much as they do!  I turned my all time favorite brownie recipe into these adorable Christmas Tree Brownies and my boys went bonkers over them!  These would be fun to bring to a teacher or even make some for the office (yours or your spouse's!). 
These are simply adorable!  Christmas Trees made out brownies!  Serve these for your next holiday party!  |


Nutella Stuffed Pumpkin Bread French Toast

I don't think I need to even describe how wonderful this recipe is and just let the title and pictures do the job!  If you have any left over pumpkin bread from Thanksgiving you must make this Nutella Stuffed Pumpkin Bread French Toast!  I'm already looking forward to making it next year for sure. 
Nutella Stuffed Pumpkin Bread French Toast!  Fabulous recipe!  |


Christmas Printable For A Non-Food Neighbor Gift Idea

I have super big plans for Christmas treats this year to make for friends and neighbors, but this printable has been on my mind for a few months now.  Thinking about how busy this time of year can be, it's nice not to have to clean dishes every night!  I know it's something I would appreciate for sure!
I packaged up some festive paper plates, napkins, forks, paper straws and paper cups.  You truly could go all out and give a large basket full of these paper goods from Costco and really make their day! 
A super adorable Christmas Printable!  This is perfect for practically everyone in your life who doesn't enjoy washing dishes!  Makes for a great neighbor gift or teacher gift |


A Gilmore Girls Holiday Printable

Okay, okay.  Last one I promise.  Who else is enjoying watching the Gilmore Girls revival?  Just watching the trailers these past couple of weeks already has me wanting more!  I don't know if 4 episodes will be enough.
All I know is that I'm going to enjoy ever second of it and watch it a few times before the year has ended!

Citrus Holiday Potpourri On The Stove Yop

This time of year is my absolute favorite and I'm trying to just soak it all in!  I've decided to slow down a bit and enjoy each moment as we celebrate our family, traditions and of course, Jesus Christ.
With trying to create long lasting memories for my kiddos, I'm also trying to create a fun atmosphere at home with decorations and trying to have my house smell as heavenly as possible!
This "recipe" for my Citrus Holiday Potpourri is easily put together and will last for a few days just simmering away on your stove top. 
Stove top potpourri!  This Citrus Holiday Potpourri is a great all natural way to make your home smell amazing!