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Chocolate and Caramel Oat Bars

I don't think I've shared a recipe story in a while and this one always makes me laugh.  I actually made this recipe about 2 years ago to take pictures of and blog.  We had recently moved to Austin and were making new friends.  Some of those new friends lived down the street from us, the Griffiths.  We had kids the same age and went to the same church.

I had all of the ingredients for these Chocolate Caramel Oat Bars, so I thought, and quickly realized I didn't have enough butter.  I texted my new friend and asked if I could borrow a stick of butter.  She did and I picked it up shortly afterwards.  I resolved a long time ago to always quickly return any borrowed ingredients and if I was making a treat with them, to also share that baked good with the person I borrowed from.  It's a win win.  
Chocolate Caramel Oat Bars Recipe.  So chocolately, gooey and absolutely the best!  |


My Heart Just Grew

All my life I knew I wanted kids.  I thought 5 would be a great number.  When I got married I thought babies would just come easily and our wonderful life would go on.  I didn't expect that it would take so many years to get pregnant and bring those sweet babies into the world.
During those years of yearning I would dream and imagine what our kids would like like, how they would be and who they would become.  I imagined what all of their milestone would be like.  Like the first day of school, riding a bike and getting married.  One of the first milestones of our family's life is getting baptized.  As a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, we believe the appropriate age to get baptized (if your family are already members) is eight years old. 
When our oldest turned 7 I truly wasn't even thinking of how fast the next year would fly by.  All of sudden we were planning this event and coordinating with family to come into town.  His baptism was almost a year ago and I'm just now sharing it and that's okay with me.  He'll be nine in a few short week and this year was even faster than the year before!


Spinach Almond Salad

Whenever I think of my favorite foods, salads never make the cut.  Well, there is one exception.  This Spinach Almond Salad is my favorite salad in all the world!  Sounds kind of dramatic, but it's true. 
I've made it a lot recently for different church events (we even had it for our Christmas party and fed over 200 people) and I always get cornered by multiple people who have to have the recipe.  I love it and find it totally flattering. 
Gorgous salad!  Spinach Almond Salad recipe looks divine!  |


Fabric Covered Dream Board DIY

I hope I'm not shocking anyone too much, but yes, I'm posting about a project and not a recipe!  I told you I was going to expand and get back to more projects and every day stories.  It was actually my husband who thought of this idea so I can't take full credit. 
 This dream board is completely adorable and super easy to make!  |
We really started to focus at the end of summer on some goals and dreams we had.  Instead of just thinking about them, we wanted something visual to focus on.  I remember my dad always doing this in some form or fashion as I was growing up.  If you can "see" your dream every day, it helps you on focusing on making those dreams and goals come true.  


Valentine Graham Cracker Cookie Sticks

I am trying to get my boys in the kitchen more.  Even though it's not always picture perfect, I feel like they need to learn basic skills from early on.  And it's up to me to teach them!  With their ages ranging from 8 to 3 I try to gage age appropriate recipes for them.

With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought it would be fun for my littlest to make a little treat he could share with his friend who was coming over for a playdate. 
These Valentine Graham Cracker Cookie Sticks are completely easy to make and totally adorable!  There's a surprising ingredient, too!  Find the how to at
He had so much fun dipping each graham cracker into the melted frosting and then finishing them with sprinkles.  Once they set up they were almost fudge like and tasted really similar to those frosted circus animal cookies.  


Game Day Mexican Pizzas with Fire Roasted Salsa (+ My Fav Kitchen Hack Of All Time!)

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It's big game season and I think most of us have the itch to watch, play and of course eat yummy game day food!  With four boys in the house all of them are bound to happen!  I'm in it for the food and love to create easy, yet super tasty dishes that can be eaten with your hands. 


Chicken and Mushrooms Recipe

The winter months are still here and even though that doesn't mean snow or freezing weather here in Texas, it does mean comforting food!  I know everyone else is trying to eat healthier, but I look at it this way.  We are still in the throws of sweater/layering weather and the fresh produce isn't all that great right now to strictly start eating just salads.  Am I right?

When eating comfort food, full flavor is always best!  It's super creamy, savory and all around perfect!  I am now completely craving this dish right now.
  Oh, this is such comfort food!  This one pot Chicken and Mushrooms is absolutely cream, savory and practically perfect!  Wonderful over rice, mashed potatoes or pasta.  Find the recipe at 


Baby Brunch

Here we are in a new year!  I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be much better than 2015 ever thought to be!  I am going to be getting back to just sharing here.  Sharing recipes, of course, but sharing my stories, my day to day life, my family growing up, new crafts and projects!

I really never intended for this to become strictly a food blog.  Not that I don't totally love it, but I need it to be more.  So get ready for some new content and hopefully a new look this spring!

I've met some great friends in Austin.  Some were already established here when we moved and some have moved in after us.  Can you believe we've lived here almost 2 years!  It's completely flown by.  My beautiful friend Brittany and her family moved in about a year after us and we just fell in love with their family.  Their oldest son is close in age to my oldest and they love playing together.
Here is a super adorable idea for a Baby Shower or Baby Brunch Party decorations!  Loving that balloon garland!  |