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Halloween Bat Treats

We are kind of going all out this year for Halloween.  My boys are a little older now and are getting in on the fun.  I have about 70% of their costumes finished.  I purchased some items, we had some and I just need to make 2 more things to complete them.  
We've all had fun in the kitchen this year, too, making tons of Halloween treats.  Including these Ding Dong Bat Treats! 
Halloween Bats made from Ding Dongs!  Perfectly easy and super cute!  |


Halloween Dinner Party

I have always wanted to throw (or attend) and outdoor dinner party.  I even have a dreamy picture of one I found on Pinterest that I actually pinned to my dream board that hangs in our bedroom.

If you are going to have an outdoor dinner party you have to go all out or else it just won't be worth it.  My friend Amanda is one that is not afraid to go above and beyond when it comes to parties so I partnered up with her and her sister to plan the event.  
Gorgeous Halloween Outdoor Dinner Party!  Complete with an over the top tablescape!  |


Frankenstein Halloween Cookies

I participated in the every so fabulous Spooktacular September again over at Eighteen25!  Did you see it?  It was probably my favorite year yet!  I made these adorable Frankenstein Cookies...well if monster cookies can be adorable?  They were very fun to make and turned out better than I had hoped! 
Frankenstein Halloween Cookies!  Pretty easy to make and the kiddos will definitely love them!  |


Halloween Treats

Having kids has changed my mind about Halloween a bit.  It's no secret that it was not my favorite holiday growing up.  I am still not a fan of all the scary stuff, but more of the fun, magical and whimsical side.
Plus it's a great excuse to have parties and of course to make crafty foods!  I was able to shoot Halloween recipes for Oriental Trading Co. and thought I would share some of them here with you.  And yes, they have recipes on their site that are pretty great!  Go ahead and pin them because they are classics! 


Happy National Dessert Day!

Happy National Dessert Day!  I love that we have an all encompassing sweet treats day because sometimes it's hard to just pick one favorite!
I've gone through my entire blog and picked just some of my favorites and wanted to share them with you.  Have you tried any of these?  I can't decide which I am going to make today!


Fun Halloween Cartoons For Kids

I love to watch holiday movies all month long!  YouTube can be a great place to find old cartoons that we (as parents) grew up on!  I have found some of our very favorites and wanted to share with you and your family.  These are great for ages 1-10 years of age.  

Did you watch any of these growing up?  Comment below with your favorite Halloween cartoon you remember watching!


Quick and Easy Garlic Butter Dinner Rolls

We have finally gotten some crisper weather here in Texas.  Well, at least in the early morning!  I love that we are getting further away from swim suit weather because that means I can feel less and less guilty about eating more and more bread!  Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks this way!

I definitely have included more comforting foods like soups, stews and crock pot recipes for my upcoming menu for the upcoming months.  Those dinner meals are always nice to include warm and fresh bread on the side. 
Super easy and delicious Garlic Butter Dinner Rolls!  Made in under 15 minutes!  |


Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

I made some wonderful friends when I was in high school.  We lived for Friday nights!  It wasn't to party or to get into trouble.  There was a restaurant we would  always go to on Friday nights when we got paid from our part time jobs.  We typically ordered mozzarella sticks or chips and salsa.  Dinner was never ordered, but we always got the molten lava cake!  I don't eat at that restaurant anymore, but I still dream of that molten lava cake. 
Such a delicious Hot Fudge Pudding Cake!  Way easier to make than lava cake and tastes better!  |