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Easy Fruit Salad Recipe and Video

Let talk about these hot summer months, shall we?  Living in Austin, Texas we get hot weather for about 6 months.  This also means we have really great fruit seasons and plenty of it!  I love to serve fresh fruit salads for lunch and dinner and if there is any left over we'll eat it for breakfast, too.  
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Grilled Garlic Balsamic Pork Chops

Pork chops always remind of a dinner I made my husband when we were first married.  I had bought some cheap pork chops and simply dredged them in flour then fried them in a little oil.  All through dinner he kept asking me what "meat" he was eating.  I told him three different times that it was pork.  He didn't believe me and thought I had served him some sort of chicken.  It wasn't until I finally pulled the package out of the garbage to prove that I had, indeed, served him pork.
The reason he doubted me is because when he grew up, his mom used to make pork chops that were so tough and chewy they had no flavor!  We had a great laugh about it and he still will ask me (teasingly) if I'm serving him pork or not. 


Spinach Banana Bread With Chocolate Chips

For years I've been making the best banana bread for my family.  I probably bake it 3 times a month because I seem to have a problem with over buying bananas!  Sometimes I make it with chocolate chips and other times it's just classic banana bread.  I really like to double the batch and keep a few loaves in the freezer so we can have it anytime we want. 
Spinach Banana Bread!  With or without chocolate chips it's a really great recipe!  |


Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Baking cookies always makes me feel like a little kid and who doesn't like to feel younger?  Some of my favorite memories are making cookies with my mom in the kitchen.  She wasn't much of cook or baker so we typically used pre-made cookie dough.  I didn't really know that cookies were made any other way until I got older. 
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Summer Artichoke Pasta Salad

We are two weeks into summer and to be honest, we haven't done much except laze around, watch movies, sleep in and eat all the goodies!  Don't worry, though.  We do have some fun activities planned and parties to attend.  Sometimes it's just nice not to have to an agenda, but I am looking forward to all the BBQ's we will have!  I'm planning on making my all time favorite Artichoke Pasta Salad this summer.  It's one of those recipes where there is never any leftovers! 
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Instant Pot Pot Roast

I have a love hate relationship with comfort food.  Most of my all time favorite comfort food typically takes a few hours to make!  One of those beloved meals is a classic Sunday roast complete with creamy mashed potatoes, veg and hot buttered rolls.  All of it smothered in gravy, of course! 
For years I have used my crock pot to make the meal because it made such tender meat.  It took 6 hours, though and some days I just wanted it right away. 
Instant Pot Pot Roast.  This super tender roast is made in an hour and even makes it's own gravy!  Pure comfort food at it's finest!  |


How To Decorate Cactus Cupcakes

I'll be the first to admit that I am late to the cactus and succulent party.  They have been trending for a while now and I just didn't see the appeal at first.  I'll give you two reasons why.
The first, is I grew up in Las Vegas where it is hot.  And by hot, I mean boiling for most of the year.  It was never my favorite weather.  Cactus plants always remind me of trying to successfully climb out of a hot car in shorts and not have my thighs stick to the seat.
The second reason is my youngest fell into a cactus a few years ago and it was pretty traumatizing.  You can read all about it here.  I did learn how to effectually remove the needles from skin so I guess that was a plus! 
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Instant Pot Easy Mexican Rice

You've probably noticed that lately I've really tried hard to make dinner effortless and sometimes it takes using the right appliances to have that happen.  Late last year, it seemed like every where you looked people were talking about the Instant Pot.  To be honest, it looked totally complicated and scary!  All those buttons and settings looked daunting and I was willing to work harder and longer to get dinner on the table rather than try to figure out, yet another new kitchen gadget.
Instant Pot Mexican Rice is cooked in just 15 minutes and super delicious!  |