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4 Ingredient Chicken Basil Alfredo Cups

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I've mentioned a few times that I'm trying to be better at meal planning, preparing and freezer meals.  Those recipes are usually me doubling something we are already having for dinner or making something with just a few ingredients.  Can I tell you that I wish I would have started this years ago!  It truly has made dinnertime around here a whole lot less stressful and fun again.
When I created these savory Chicken Basil Alfredo Cups I knew I wanted to use some already cooked chicken that I had leftover from a Sunday roast we had earlier in the week.  It only took a few more ingredients like the new Bertolli® Cream Basil Alfredo sauce to make them and they are seriously delicious.  Super cheesy and simple!
Both my husband and I had busy days ahead of us so I made an extra batch and stored them in Premium Food Storage Containers in the new Rubbermaid® Brilliance™ line.   Talk about convenience and quality! 

Disney Jungle Cruise Freak Shake

I was thrilled to be a part of some Disney blog fun!  A few other bloggers and I created some amazing freak shakes, each inspired by either a classic Disney character, movie or ride!  I created mine after the Jungle Cruise and had a blast making it!  It was actually more fun that I even thought it would be.


How To Decorate A Small Space and Home Trends for 2017

You might be a little surprised to see a decorating post here on my self made 'food blog', but this year I'm branching out to share new content!  I'm hoping to share more decorating, crafting, printables, motherhood posts along with all of these delicious recipes.  Speaking of recipes, make sure to check out my recipes tab.  I've been updating it to make it more user friendly! 

We have lived in our comfortable home for almost 4 years and we are just starting to scratch the surface in getting around to decorating it properly.  Coming from a tiny apartment we didn't really worry about decorating much so when we moved into a beautiful 4 bedroom home, we had our work cut out for us. 
5 easy tips on How To Decorate A Small Space!  |


How To Cook, Shred and Freeze Chicken For Easy Meal Prep

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Meal prep has been on my mind a lot lately.  Actually for an entire year!  I've pinned plenty of freezer meal recipes, canning recipes, how to do this and how to do that.  Guess what?  It made me feel VERY overwhelmed and I paralyzed when it came to pre-preparing meals for my family.  I didn't know where to start or even what direction I wanted to go in.
I was ready to give up then decided to start small instead of trying to jump into the deep end.
Here is a wonderful post on How To Cook, Shred and Freeze Chicken For Easy Meal Prep!  |


Ready For Some Arm Candy and A Giveaway?

When I was thirteen, I got my very first watch for my birthday.  It had a cobalt blue band that was made out of rubber and the watch fave had falling neon colored triangles on it.  Think the opening title sequence to Saved By The Bell!  It was my most favorite watch of all the ones that I have owned.  In my early twenties the current watch I was wearing at the time broke (for the 17th time) and I never replaced it.  Looking back on it, I'm not sure why I never got another watch.  Maybe it's because I just didn't find anything that I loved.
About a year ago one of my family members was taking about these great wood watches he had seen and how stunning they were.  He had shown us pictures of the ones he was interested in and I knew then that I wanted one! 
Gorgeous Wood Watch from Jord! Check out this giveaway!  |


'You Blow Me Away' Version 2 Free Valentine Printable

I loved my first version of this printable that I created a similar one for a different type of candy/gum treat!  I love splurging a little bit for valentines especially when it comes to class valentines for my boys.  They love giving them out as much as their friends like receiving them!
A cute and easy free printable for Valentine's Day.  Works great with Blow Pop Minis or with Big Chew Bubble Gum.  |


'You Blow Me Away' Free Valentine Printable

Raise your hand if you are scrambling around last minute trying to get Valentines done for your child's class party...tomorrow!  Usually I have my act together. This year I'm completely behind so we will be making boxes and filling out Valentine's for not one kid, but three! 
I created these super adorable printables that are a perfect fit for Hubba Bubba's Bubble Gum Tape!  These would be equally as cute used tied up to some bubbles or balloons if you wanted a non-candy valentine. 
Free Valentine Printable!  'You Blow Me Away' is perfect to add on top of bubble gum tape, a bottle of bubbles or a few balloons!  |


Candy Rainbow Bark

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Being a child of the 80's, rainbows have a special place in my heart!  It seems like everything back then was covered in rainbows!  Sweatshirts, socks, binders, and back packs.  I even had a puffy rainbow hair clip that I remember wearing often.  Mostly right above my side ponytail!  
They say that history repeats itself and that's 100% true.  Rainbows seem to be making the comeback along with unicorns and my 8 year old self couldn't be happier about it!  I was trying to think of a happy and fun treat to make and this one popped into my head.  It's even more adorable in real life! 
Oh my adorablness!  This Candy Rainbow Bark would be perfect for any birthday party to St. Patrick's Day!  |