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One Pan Chicken and Peas Creamy Pasta

Who has been busy this holiday?  I'm trying to keep it low key, but with three little boys, we are still scrambling around here once school gets out and dinner time is about to happen.  I've been trying out more one pan dishes and loving each one.  Especially this One Pan Chicken and Peas Creamy Pasta!
Here is a tasty recipe for One Pan Chicken and Peas Creamy Pasta.  Comes together in under 30 minutes and perfect for a weeknight meal!  |


Vintage Inspired Christmas Ornament Craft

Christmas time is here!  I've had holiday decorations up for a while now, but I can't help but add to them here and there as the days get closer to Christmas day.  And this includes the ornaments on my tree.  It's what I like to call my progressive tree.
I've had these Vintage Inspired Christmas Ornaments on my mind since last year and I found some of the essentials at the Target $ Spot.

Christmas Tree Cheese and Cracker Tray

Last month I felt the need to make a Christmas planner.  A few years ago a friend share hers and I thought it was a brilliant idea!  I pulled together a few supplies and created the cutest little planner.  It's where I pretend I'm super organized and have my December calendar filled out along with lists of gifts to buy, traditions written down and holiday recipes printed off.  I'll have to share it with you sometime soon. 
Back to that's full.  Like, with plenty of activities throughout the month.  And there are few parties planned which I'm super excited about.  We are hoping to host a Christmas sing along at our house and I'm going to have everyone bring a festive appetizer and dessert to share. 
A beautiful Christmas Tree Cheese and Cracker Tree!  So festive and fun!  |


Slow Cooker Holiday Wassail

As you know by now, I am all about making my house smell amazing during the holidays and this Slow Cooker Holiday Wassail recipe is a beverage and has your home smelling like pure holiday bliss all at the same time! 
This Holiday Wassail recipe is cooked in the slow cooker and simply amazing!  A perfect holiday drink for everyone to enjoy!  |
The first time I had wassail I was not a fan at all!  Looking back on it, I think the premade mix my aunt made just had too many spices and wasn't sweet at all.  A few years later I went to a woman's group meeting for my church and the refreshment was a similar version of this.  I fell in love instantly and knew I was giving my favorite hot chocolate drink a run for it's money with this recipe!


Chicken (Or Turkey) Pot Pie Recipe

One of the great things about left overs is transforming them into new recipes.  This Chicken Pot Pie recipe is especially great to use around holiday meals.  Use up those Thanksgiving vegetables and of course the delicious turkey (like this one).  It also works great with just your standard chicken and frozen veggies you already have on hand.
The best recipe for Chicken (or Turkey) Pot Pie!  Savory and so comforting!  |


Adorable Christmas Kids Hand Print Wreath How-To Video

My all time favorite Christmas decoration has to be all three of my boy's hand print wreaths!  I made each of them when my son's each turned 2 (or were 2 years old when Christmas time came around).  Two years ago I created a tutorial post on how to create it yourself and it was pretty self explanatory!  You can find it HERE
Now we are in the age of videos for everything so I though I would create a super quick video showing you exactly how to make a hand print wreath!

Snowmen Donuts

Snowmen always remind me of my mom.  She's got quite the collection!  When I made these Snowmen Donuts for my boys I couldn't help but think of her.  She always makes things so fun for little kids and LOVES this time of year.  Maybe it's where I get it from! 
Fun Snowment Donuts!  Perfect to make during the winter months as a surprise treat!


Christmas Tree Brownies

I'm trying to make everything extra Christmas-y for my kids this year.  Who am I kidding?  I love it as much as they do!  I turned my all time favorite brownie recipe into these adorable Christmas Tree Brownies and my boys went bonkers over them!  These would be fun to bring to a teacher or even make some for the office (yours or your spouse's!). 
These are simply adorable!  Christmas Trees made out brownies!  Serve these for your next holiday party!  |