Ambrosia Smoothie

I was out and about recently and popped into Williams-Sonoma for some much needed inspiration.  Lately my mind has been reeling with so many fun recipes, but sometimes I need to find my 'food' center and window shopping helps clear my mind.  It was there that I was inspired to create this refreshing (and shockingly healthy) Ambrosia Smoothie.


Classic Apple Crisp

I hope you didn't miss my Classic Apple Crisp over at Landeelu!  
Just in case you did, here it is!  

As we head in to cooler weather...well...if you live in Texas we are headed into cool-ish weather, I start craving all those comfort foods.  Warm soups, casseroles, turkey with all the starchy sides swimming in gravy, and hot-out-of-the-oven desserts!

One of those desserts is any sort of fruit crisp or cobbler.  I love the idea of a hot dessert with a cold scoop (or two) of ice cream melting away on it.  My husband, on the other hand, is not a fan.  He's a good sport and will try a bite of a new recipe I found on Pinterest and he's never convinced.  I became a crisp fanatic trying new recipes I found and I just wasn't satisfied with the outcome either.


Halloween Treat Bags With A Free Printable Tag

Remember when I posted about making Ghost Tassels?  Well, it shouldn't be too hard because it was yesterday!  Here are the goodie bags that I accessorized them with!  And guess what?  Today I'm including two super fab printables to accompany any standard paper lunch sack. 
Super fantastic (and free!) printables for any Halloween party goodie bags!  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle


How To Make Ghost Tassels

Have you ever had an original idea only to find out that it's not so original?  This happens to me quite often.  The other day I was driving home from the grocery store, thinking about an upcoming Halloween party I'm throwing with some friends when these perfect little ghost tassels popped into my head!  
I already had the yarn at home and was excited to get home to see if they were as fantastic in real life as they were in my head.  They were even better!  I took the below pictures and as I was uploading them to the computer, I had the thought (my crazy mind has lots of pop up thoughts) to check Pinterest to see if these had been done before.  And the answer is yes.  Not such an original idea.  The good news is there weren't too many and mine are different so yeah for that! 
This "How To" could not be any easier for these spooktacular Ghost Tassels!  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle


2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken

Yesterday I sat down and was filling out my calendar for the next few weeks.  I started to get a little overwhelmed with how much will be going on for the rest of the year.  All of the school functions, playdates, parties and the holidays.  Oh, those end of the year holidays!  This year I plan on being a little more organized and make the most of my time.

That's were easy and comforting recipes come into play.  I'm already planning my Thanksgiving and Christmas menus and those tend to be pretty time consuming.  Don't get me wrong.  Those are two of my favorite holidays to cook and bake for!  With everything else going on in my life I need prepare more recipes like this ever-so-tasty Teriyaki Chicken.

There are three things that I laaauuuuve about this dish.   
With only 2 ingredients you can make this Teriyaki Chicken easy peasy!  And to make it even easier, it's cooked in the slow cooker.  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle


Freshly Cooked Black Beans

I really never was a fan of black beans until a few years ago.  They were either too bland or not very tender.  I had picked up an in store coupon for something and I got a 1 pound bag of dry beans for free.  They sat in my pantry for weeks until I decided to try them out.  And guess what?  I really couldn't keep my spoon out of the pot because they were so tasty! 
With this freshly cooked black bean recipe, you'll never want to buy canned again!  | My Name Is Snickerdoodle


FREE Hexagon 2015 Calendar

When redesigning my site, I knew I just had to have hexagons integrated as much as possible.  It might be a trendy thing, but I'm choosing to see it as a classic design!  There is just something about that shape make me happy!

It all started when I started my hexagon quilt years ago.  *Side note - Thank you for your huge response to something so dear to my heart!  I've gotten so many inquiries that a simple tutorial will follow soon!*  I started seeing hexagon patterns everywhere!  Home designs, fashion, and even paper goods.  I'm in love with it all.
Free Printable for a 2015 Hexagon Calendar!  | My Name Is Snickerdoodle


Monster S'mores

Last week we sparked off early Halloween festivities by spending it with some of our great and fabulous Austin friends.  Amanda, who is just superb in every way (and the queen of all things Halloween) invited us over for a fun night of Monster S'mores.