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Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

After reading that title, how many of you thought I was going to announce I was expecting again?  Haha!  No.  We are done having children, but I sure do feel like I'm still surrounded by babies.  I don't mind one bit!
I've recently shared some baby showers I've helped throw this year (here and here) for some of my wonderful friends.  Still obsessing over those balloon garlands!  Now it seems like more of my friends are pregnant and are about to add more adorable little ones to the mix.
At the beginning of spring, one of those friends asked my husband to take some gender reveal pictures for them.  Did you know he was a family/wedding photographer?  Just on the side, but he does a pretty phenomenal job.  If you are in the Austin area and needing photos, send me an email! 
Ashley wanted a couple different versions that she could share with family and friends and had some fabulous idea in mind.  No matter what she came up with it would have been superb because she's wonderful like that (and has a gorgeous family!).
With her permission and (and my husband's) I'm sharing this photos because they are just too gorgeous not too!  Plus, I love sharing fun ideas with my readers! 
Such a great idea for baby gender reveal pictures!  |


Monster Cookie Recipe

With all the cookies I've made over the years each of my family has their favorites.  Some love good ol' chocolate chip.  I love my Snickerdoodles and my husband a huge of oatmeal raisin.  My Monster Cookies pleases us all and the kids totally love to help make them.  I have them each add in their favorite ingredient (they all fight over the mini M&M's) and they each get a turn stirring. 
One of the best Monster Cookie Recipes!  They have it all!  |


Summertime Treats! My Freezer Is Stocked.

It gets hot in Texas.  And I mean, really hot!  We didn't have a super cold winter last year so that typically means we'll have a blazing summer.  I've learned to embrace it and have learned a few tricks throughout the years.
Number one tip is always remember to pack a cooler when you go to the grocery store.  We only live about 8 minutes from our local store, but anything cold seems to be about luke warm when you are unloading bags into your kitchen.  I learned this lesson the hard way too many times to count.
Number two tip is to stock your freezer with Popsicles and frozen treats.  For both the kids and adults!  I don't indulge my kids every day with them, but they sure do cool you off after you've been outside for any period of time! 


The Best And Easiest Bread Recipe (Perfect For Toast!)

I used to be so scared to even attempt to make bread from scratch!  Now I make some form of homemade bread or rolls once a week.  I've learned some tricks and tips that took away the mystery of it all and I'll be sharing those soon! 
I wish I had discovered this English Muffin Bread years ago because it literally is the easiest I've ever made.  You don't knead it or have to proof the yeast before mixing everything it.

The BEST and easiest bread recipe!  It's perfect for toast with lots of butter and jam!  Find the reicpe at


Oatmeal Pancake Dippers

With three little boys, I've figured out that you have got to mix things up a bit to get them excited about mealtime sometimes! I joke about giving them cold cereal all the time, but in truth, anything other than Cheerios is a treat around here. 


Almond Bacon Green Beans Recipe

Side dishes usually get a bad rap don't you think?  I mean, we typically put our focus on the main protein and sometimes give a little thought to what we want to serve with it.  Especially when it comes to the vegetable portion of the meal.  My usual go to is broccoli (because my kids love it), but my husband and I get bored of it easily. 
These Almond Bacon Green Beans are absolutely yummy!  The recipe is super simple and just adds another fun side dish to your recipe box!  |


You Deserve To Take 5 Gift and Printable

If you have kiddos in school then you know Teacher Appreciate Week is upon us.  This year, I absolutely love my son's teacher.  She's great with active and busy boys and has taught him so much over this school year.  I only have one child in school right now, but next year all three of my boys will go.  I still can't wrap my head around it, but I'll be sure to take full advantage of that time!  
You Derve To Take 5 Gift and Printable!  Perfect for a teacher appreciate gift or for a simple thank you!  |


Ever Had Street Corn? Try This Recipe!

Does anyone else go to restaurants and order the same thing...every time?  My husband is adventurous when it comes to food and will order the special of the day and new dishes almost every time we go out.  Me, however, stick to the same two things and hardly venture from that.  BORING, right?!?! 
I went out with some friends a long time ago to a local taco shop and one of the ladies order their street corn.  I've heard of it, but never had it.  She politely offered some to the table and I politely took a small spoonful. 
Corn as it was always meant to be!  This Street Corn is super creamy and seasoned to perfection!  |