Cinnamon Bear Chocolate Bark

I've been seeing chocolate covered cinnamon bears everywhere lately.  When I was pregnant with my oldest (9 years ago) I bought some at the grocery store in the bulk candy section just because they sounded good.  They became the #1 thing I craved.   I don't like cinnamon bears.  Never have.  However...you cover those little delights in chocolate and they become my favorite candy on the planet! 
A super simple and salty sweet recipe for Cinnamnon Bear Bark.  |  mynameissnickerdoodle.com


Chocolate Chip Orange Mini Cakes

Photographing food can be totally satisfying.  Especially when it comes to something as pretty as these Chocolate Chip Orange Mini Cakes.  I typically try to shoot during the day so I can catch the gleaming natural light shining through some of my windows.

Shooting during the day also means I have some extra little helpers around to "assist me".  My 4 and 3 year old loves to help by licking the spoons or trying to get into the picture.  It rarely frustrates me but, more makes me laugh with how cute they are being.

On this day I couldn't blame my littlest by trying to sneak a taste because these cakes that are topped with a chocolate ganache and are kissed with orange zest, are simply perfection on a plate! 
The most perfect mini orange cakes with chocolate chips and chocoalte ganache!  Get the recipe at My Name Is Snickerdoodle.


Raspberry Chocolate Sweets

Let's face it.  There are some days where I just want to crawl back in bed, pull the covers over my head and just wait for the next day to come.  Being a mom of three little boys will do that to you!  

It sounds so cliche but, chocolate helps on those crazy days.  A little chocolate goes a long way!  That's why I love these little Raspberry Chocolate Sweets. 
Chocolate Raspberry Sweets.  Such a simple and delicious treat for only 2 ingredients!  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle


Spice Cabinet Makover and Organization

Are you like me and have a million projects you want to do?  Some I eventually get around to doing when I finally get the supplies and then there are the projects that I already have the supplies for, but just can't find the time to start them.

This was one of the latter projects.  My "baby" hasn't been a baby for 2 years, but I've held onto his (empty and clean) baby food jars that long.  It's because I knew I wanted to transform them into new spice jars.   
Use baby food jars and chalkboard label stickers to help organize your spices!  Find the how to at My Name Is Snickerdoodle


Bacon and Mushroom Cream Gravy with Cheddar Chive Biscuits

Sometimes I can't fall asleep at night.  My mind is reeling with things I did that day, things that I should have done and then what I need to do the next day.  Does anyone else do this?  There are also some nights where I can't stop thinking about a new recipe that popped into my mind early.  What will it taste like and would it actually work. 

This was one of those recipes that kept me up one night.  Biscuits and sausage gravy is such a classic southern comfort dish.  I wanted to amp it up a bit by making this Bacon and Mushroom gravy.  It's so delicious on my Cheddar and Chive Biscuits but, I'm thinking it would be fabulous over baked chicken as well! 


Cheddar Cheese and Chive Drop Biscuits

I always thought biscuits were hard to make.  That's until I tried making drop biscuits years ago and discovered they don't have to be hard at all.  A drop biscuit looks a little more rustic because you don't roll them out.  You typically use a large spoon or measuring cup to divide out the dough and then 'drop' them on a baking sheet.  I have other recipes that I roll my biscuits out for, but I thought this one called for something quicker because I want to quickly bake them and quickly eat them!  Especially when you see what I top these with at the end of this post!


Chick-fil-a's Knock-off Frosted Lemonade

Four years ago I posted my version of Chick-fil-a's Chicken Nuggets and it totally went viral!  So many people started to make their versions of my recipe (some were polite enough to link back to mine) and I got such positive feedback.  It's still my most popular post.

Last weekend I posted my Homemade Lemonade recipe and I just couldn't help myself using it to make Chick-fil-a's Frosted Lemonade.  Have you seen it or tried it yet?  It tastes like lemon cream pie!  With this version you don't even have to bake a crust or attempt to make lemon curd!  It has two ingredients.  Yup, just two! 
This Frosted Lemonade only has two ingredients and tastes like the one at Chick-fil-a!  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle


Homemade Lemonade

A few weeks ago I posted my Strawberry Basil Lemonade recipe and then realized I've never posted my basic freshly squeezed lemonade recipe.  It only has three ingredients!  Lemons, sugar and water.  I am always in awe over how just a few simple items can be turned into something so delicious. 

Now, don't get me wrong.  I still love the powdered Country Time Lemonade every now and then, but homemade is ALWAYS better.  It takes a little bit of prep but, my boys love to help squeeze the lemons while I'm making the simple syrup. 
Here's a freshly squeezed lemonade recipe that's super simple and totally quenching!  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle