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Chocolate Dipped Mickey Rice Crispy Treats

Who's heading to a Disney Park this year?  We went to Disney World a couple of years ago and loved it!  Well, to be honest, we would have loved it more if we hadn't gone in the dead of summer.   Our family is planning on going to Disneyland in a few years and our boys are looking forward to it!  We are waiting until our youngest grows a little taller so we can all enjoy the rides together. 
What a fun Disney treat!  These Chocolate Dipped Mickey Mouse Rice Crispy Treats can be made at home!  |


Frosted Freckled Limeade

Do you make a summer list of all the things you want to do?  I've learned over the years to make it a little on the smaller side because we all tend to get a little overwhelmed and it then tends to turn into a "to do" list rather than something fun!
One of the things my boys wanted to do this summer was get into the kitchen more.  We planned out a few simple recipes for them to try on their own and this Frosted Freckled Limeade was one of them.  My family loved my version of Chickfila's Frosted Lemonade I made last year and this is just as delicious and equally as easy!  
Frosted Freckled Limeade just might be the drink of the summer!  Perfectly sweet, tart and creamy!  |


Super Easy Mexican Rice Recipe

When I order a meal at a Mexican Restaurant, I secretly get a little excited for the rice that's served with it.  I typically will order some sort of cheesy enchilada goodness and that's usually paired with beans and rice.  There is just something about that simple rice side that makes me happy!  Maybe it's because I know it's only a few ingredients that make up something so spectacular. 
Here's a yummy recipe for super easy Mexican Rice!  |


How To Create An Amazing Facebook Page - My Experiement #1

Have you ever done anything that you regret?  If you are human, the answer is most likely YES!  I know that we shouldn't really believe in or have regrets because learning from the past is a good thing, right?
But I have regrets when it comes to this small corner of the web I call my own.  It's more like I wish I had a time machine I could travel back in time and tell my past self what I needed to start doing and focusing on.  Social media is a big part of those regrets.  It's definitely a learning lesson that I just wish I would have learned a lot earlier on.


Sweet Berry Croissants

Last week I posted my recipe for Glazed Croissants and they were a big hit!  What I didn't tell you is that I totally had them in mind for a dessert that I shared over at Lolly Jane last month. Strawberries and blackberries are in season and I can't ever resist eating my fare share! 
Sweet Berry Croissants!  Pure decadence and very easy to make!  |


The Best Brownie Recipe!

So, I've been sitting on this recipe for a while now.  Last year alone I probably made them every three weeks or so.  It was bad!  Well, bad in the good sense!  I baked them for my husband's primary church class, for parties, neighbor gifts and because it was Tuesday.  You get the idea.  I LOVE this recipe. 


Baked Chicken Breast Recipe

Did you know that one of the most popular recipes searched for is for Baked Chicken?  It's such a standard dish in a lot of American households, but can easily be made incorrectly.
For years I was making it wrong, and by wrong, I mean it would always turn out SUPER dry.  I found a few simple tips that will help you cook baked chicken perfectly every time. 
Here is a great recipe on how to bake chicken breasts perfectly every time!  It takes less than 30 minutes!  |


Glazed Croissants

My kids are crazy about donuts!  We used to have THE BEST donut shop back in Fort Worth, but have had a hard time finding a great one here in Austin.  There are some great specialty shops, but nothing super fantastic when it comes to classic donuts. 
Our grocery store is the next best thing and my boys just love them.  Every now and then they carry these glazed croissants that I grab whenever they are out.  I mean, hello!  A croissant that's been dipped in a sweet glaze is totally up my ally! 
These Glazed Croissants are calling my name!  Perfect for a weekend breakfast and super easy to make!  |