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Easy and Yummy Sunday Roast Dinner (With A Video!)

We have a pretty busy life.  Our kids are getting older and wanting to do more activities.  Dinner time is our chance to sit down and connect with each other.  That does not happen as much I would hope during the week so our weekend meals are pretty golden.
I'm trying to go a bit old school and have a bigger sit down Sunday dinner (with dessert).  I remembering do that growing up and I always loved going over to my friend's homes where their families did the same.  There is something about a comforting meal that brings people together, right?
The BEST (and easiest) Sunday Roast Dinner!  It's cooked in a crock pot and is completely yummy!  |


Cherry Chocolate Sheetcake Recipe

If I had to pick a dessert that represented my entire childhood, it would have to be Texas Sheet Cake.  My mom made it for every function and I loved when there was a little extra to be taken back home because it meant I got to have a second helping!  There is also something to be said about an entire chocolate cake that can be made in about 25 minutes from start to finish! 


Hearty Tortellini Soup

Being sick is no fun!  A few years ago I was really sick.  Like in and out of the hospital with major life saving surgeries kind of sick.  Dear family and friends took care of my family by watching my boys, cleaning my house and bringing over meals.  One sweet friend brought over this soup and it was just what I needed that day.  Something warm, comforting and filling.  At the time I wasn't eating much, but that soup sure hit the spot! 
Here is a wonderful Hearty Tortellini Soup recipe!  Packed with veggetables and sausage!  |


Easy Buffalo Chicken Kabobs

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Having all boys I tend to get a lot of sympathy from strangers and random advice from other moms whose boys have grown.  The number one thing everyone has told me is to get ready to always have a stocked pantry.  My boys are still little, (9, 5, and 4) but I already see how hungry they can be sometimes! 
Especially now that school has started they come home "starving" and there are days where I need a super quick and easy meal.  They can be cranky if I tend to make something that takes a while!  That's where these Easy Buffalo Chicken Kabobs come in handy! 
Make your own Easy Buffalo Chicken Kabobs!  |


Oreo Cupcakes

Anyone else have crazy cravings even when you are not pregnant?  Lately, it's been smoothies, which is a great thing.  But, then there are the times that all I want are some straight up potato chips and french onion dip!  My kids tend to steer me towards wanting cupcakes since it seems that's all they have been asking me to make lately. 
Hands down the best Oreo Buttercream Frosting recipe.  Oh, and the chocolate cupcake is pretty great, too!  |


Easy and Sweet Summer Berry Cones

I'm trying to squeak in one last little summer dessert before we all get blasted with everything pumpkin!  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love everything pumpkin...well, except for this pumpkin smoothie I had one time.  It tasted like dry autumn leaves! 
Easy and Sweet Summer Berry Cones.  The perfect summer treat!  |


Keep Organized With These Easy Fabric Covered Canisters

A few months ago we made some major changes around here in our house.  My oldest son got his own room and I got my own office.  We also consolidated all the toys from the toy room (my current office space) and placed them in some cubbies in the two youngest room.
It truly was a tornado for a few weeks, but it eventually got better as we organized and put everything in it's place.  Not to mention that it helped a ton that we got rid off a TON of stuff!   
Here's and easy and inexpensive way to stay organized!  Fabric covered canisters are simply adorable and can be made in minutes!  |


Mini Peach Crisps

We are in full swing in peach season here in Texas!  Last year I couldn't get enough and went crazy flash freezing them.  This year I have been crazy busy that I haven't taken a moment to freeze any!  I did however take the time to make a few of these Mini Peach Crisps.  I only had a few peaches at the time I was craving this and didn't let it hold me back. 
Mini Peach Crisps are super easy to make and taste fantastic!  Especially with a scoop of ice cream!  |