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My Dream 40th Birthday Party

*There are also more details about the food in THIS post.   

I didn't ever appreciate the phrase "40 is the new 30" until I turned 40 years old this month!  Growing up I truly thought 30 was super old and by the time you turned 40 you were ancient.  I completely grateful to be 100% wrong!
40 actually feels really good.  In a way that I actually truly like who I am for the first time in my life.  Not that I was a complete hater of myself before, but it's sure nice to finally be comfortable with being me.  I (mostly) know what I want out of life and I knew I wanted a beautiful party for this milestone birthday.
For a few years now I've been planning and pinning ideas of what I wanted and my husband made it all come true for me!  I didn't want it to be huge, but I definitely wanted it to be spectacular.  He planned the majority of it with the ideas I gave him and it turned out perfect! 


How To Build A Great Charcuterie Board For Any Party

One of my favorite things to have for lunch or dinner is what's called a ploughman's lunch.  It typically consists of cured meat, cheese, bread or crackers, some sort of spread and veggies or sliced fruit. 
When I turned 35 and knowing that 40 would be coming up soon, I wanted to a full ploughman's lunch spread with my friends for a party.  Well, when you are throwing a party and having everyone coming over for dinner, you call that ploughman's lunch a Charcuterie Board!  It's a bit more fancy and upscale sound, but the exact same ingredients.  You can read all about my 40th birthday party HERE
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Easy and Cute Fruit Picks For Your Sparkling Water

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Whenever my mother in law comes to visit she always brings a case of her favorite sparkling water.  It's something you can always rely on.  And to be truthful I never really had any interest in drinking sparkling water until I tried some of hers.  I didn't realize at the time there were so many yummy flavors!  Every since I'm always on the lookout for the newest flavors so I was really excited that I found the new DASANI®Sparkling in Strawberry Guava, Blood Orange and White Peach at Target! 


Easter Cupcakes

Every few years my birthday aligns on the same weekend as Easter.  It's happening again this year and I couldn't be more thrilled because I will be turning 40!!!  Typing that out makes me cringe slightly, but there really is nothing I can do about it, right?  What I can do is try to have a positive outlook on growing older and wiser! 
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Vanilla Cupcakes With Vanilla Frosting

Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting are super light, fluffy and sweet!  Typically I am such a chocolate cake girl (my favorite are these Triple Chocolate Cupcakes!) .  There are times, though, that I crave a pure vanilla cupcake or slice of cake.  These little gems are perfect for a spring treat and fairly easy to make. 
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Sauteed Corn and Zucchini

We are having some gorgeous weather in Austin right now.  I just wish it would stay this way and avoid getting blazing HOT!  I planted a few tomato plants and some herbs so let's hope I can keep them alive!  For some reason, gardening is not easy for me.  Last year I planted a zucchini plant and I got two hole zucchini before vine bores took over and ruined a good thing.  I'm debating if I want to try again this year.
It's because I want to be burdened with dozens of zucchini so I can make dishes like this anytime I want!  My entire family will eat it and it's so good for you! 
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The Perfect Sunday Bread Rolls

I'm not ashamed to admit that my #1 food weakness is fresh out of the oven Chocolate Chip Cookies. I know that it's not healthy to have food bring you joy, but those sure do!   Another recipe that totally brings a smile to my face just by the smell of them baking are these rolls.  They aren't anything fancy, but what is it about freshly baked bread!  It is another one that I utterly enjoy fresh out of the oven.  That way the butter melts perfectly!
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Slow Cooker Smothered Pork Chops

My boys are already asking when summer will be here.  The only other question they ask me is when the neighborhood pool will be open!  It might be one awesome summer or a super long one.  HA!  Now that they are little older our playtime options are slightly broader and I am excited about that.  I don't have to bring a diaper bag, stroller or diaper bag in hopes of being fully prepared for a successful outing.
That also means we don't have to be home at certain times of the day or afternoon for naps.  It most definitely has it's upsides, but also it's downsides as well.  We mostly likely will only come home for dinner time, dump all of our wet beach towels in the laundry room and just want to invade the refrigerator.  When it comes to summer time dinners, I don't want to in the kitchen scrambling to make something for my hungry family.  I need more good and quick dinner to pull together and I really love a great slow cooker meal.
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