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Chicken and Green Chili Enchilada Recipe

I cannot believe it!  Summer is officially over for us as school started today!  I now have two boys in school and my littlest will start next year.  The last few days have been such bittersweet feelings and emotions for me.  I'm super excited for them to grow and learn, but at the same time just want to keep them home and hold them all day long!  Anyone else with similar feelings? 
It also means getting up early which I am not a fan of.  And then there's the idea of making quick and easy weekday meals because time is so short once they get home from school.  This I am a fan of.  The easy meals, not the lack of time. 


Fruity Pebble Sugar Cookie Bars

Summertime this year has been such a blast!  A complete 180 degree change from last year when I posted about my tough time with my boys.  We've done most everything on our summer bucket list...water park, plenty of pool time, library reading program (Liam won iFly tickets!), summer movies and tons of play dates with friends.  
We are in our last days of summer fun and this week we've been trying to cram it all in, at the same time prepare for the start of school.  Which has me thinking about back to school snacks and treats! 


Mini Blueberry Brownie Bites

Chocolate, cream cheese frosting and fruit.  What is to love more in a dessert?  This time of the year I love to incorporate fresh berries into my sweets because I feel like they are little healthier!  HA!  These Mini Blueberry Brownie Bites are just the ticket to perfect little dessert for any party or a Tuesday night! 
The perfect little dessert recipe!  Mini Blueberry Brownie Bites  |


A Quick Dinner Of Roasted Veggies and Sausage

It seems like my life has gotten extremely busy lately.  Work has picked up quite a bit...did you know that I shoot recipes pics for other blogs and companies?  Plus school is about to be back in session and I'll only have one little at home with me this year.  We are trying to fit in the last of swimming lessons and gathering school supplies.    


Cheesy Bean Dip Recipe - Let's Party!

I haven't had a chance to eat lunch yet because I've been super busy today!  Editing these Cheesy Bean Dip pictures sure have me HUNGRY!  This is one of my favorite dips to make because it's incredibly tasty and a cinch to make!  I even shared a video below to show you just how easy. 
THE BEST Cheesy Bean Dip Recipe!  |


Summer Berry Smoothies

We've gotten creative with our smoothies this summer.  Our standard Sunrise Smoothie is a classic, but sometimes my kids can't decided what they like better.  I'm really trying hard not to make a million different smoothies in the morning (to try to cater to everyone's wants), but it's a little hard.  I've gotten really good and making two different, yet serving them in the same time! 
Summer Berry Smoothie Recipe!  So refreshing and super easy to make!  |


No Bake Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes

Raise your hand if you've had record breaking heat waves this summer!  It's not very inticing to go outside, is it?  Lately, I've been all about the desserts of the no bake variety and it's working out pretty well!  My Pinterest board has been filling up with loads of recipes that don't require turning on the oven.   
I came up with these No Bake Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes because I was craving a little something tart.  They are the perfect combination of creamy, sweet and tart.  And I didn't turn on my oven once!


How To Create An Amazing Facebook Page - My Experiement #2

Alright!  It's been a little over a month since I shared that I was upping my game on my Facebook Page.  I will have all parts linked up at the bottom so make sure to scroll down and click over.
My only goal was to do better than I did the month before.  Actually, that will most likely be my main goal the entire time I have my FB page.  Last month I gained 37 new followers and this month I gained 29.  Not exactly what I was looking for.